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Values Education

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Values Education is an integrated programme encompassing:

CCE Lessons
A programme based on CCE lessons from MOE, which incorporates modules for VIA, Cyber Wellness, Sexuality Education and Education & Career Guidance, dedicated to imparting values and life skills to students.

  • Resources from the Civics and Moral Education for Catholic Schools (CMECS) package from the Archdiocesan Commission for Catholic Schools (ACCS) are used to complement MOE’s CCE lesson packages.

Religious Education
A programme dedicated to deepening the faith of our Catholic students.

Sexuality Education
A programme to:

  • provide accurate and adequate knowledge about human sexuality,
  • impart intra & inter-personal skills and
  • cultivate positive values and attitudes towards sexuality.

National Education
To provide opportunities for awareness, exposure and experience in the national education through commemoration of NE Days, Learning Journeys, NE-related coursework, projects, lessons, enrichment activities, immersion programmes

Values in Action
School-organised Community projects for Lower Secondary students.

Areas of focus:

  • Sec 1 – Elderly and Environment
  • Sec 2 – Disabled and Environment
  • Self-directed VIA at Upper Secondary levels:
    • Sec 3 – Service Learning Projects
    • Sec 4 – Self-directed VIA

All students are encouraged to continuously be involved in self-directed VIA projects.

Job Attachment
A programme designed to provide exposure for our students on various occupations. It also enhances our collaboration with other stakeholders such as the industries.

Assembly Talks
Weekly sessions which reinforce the CCE syllabus on values, life skills, for example careers, concepts of nationhood (NE).

Family Time
School Leaders share good stories, insights and reflections on Monday mornings to cultivate good values in all students.