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Values Education

  1. Character and Values Education underpin the school curriculum, consistent with the school vision of ‘Girls with Grace, Women with Strength and Leaders with Heart’. Our school values are being explicitly taught in the formal and informal curriculum, guiding and providing the purpose for our students’ right behaviours. Platforms are purposefully put in place to develop 21CC skills such as Civic-Literacy, Global Awareness & Cross-Cultural Skills; Critical and inventive thinking; Communication, Collaboration and Information skills among our girls.

  2. Lessons and narratives on the IJ and school’s history and ethos are infused in the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) and Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) curriculum, as well as during assemblies and school events.

    The CCE curriculum is based on CCE lessons from MOE, which incorporates modules for VIA, Cyber Wellness, Sexuality Education and Education & Career Guidance, dedicated to imparting values and life skills to students. Resources from the Civics and Moral Education for Catholic Schools (CMECS) package from the Archdiocesan Commission for Catholic Schools (ACCS) are also used to complement MOE’s CCE lesson packages.

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  3. School values are also inculcated through specific programmes such as the VIA Programme for both staff and students (class, CCA, cohort and school-wide VIA), the Student Leadership programme as well as the National Education curriculum.

  4. To nurture a deep sense of gratitude amongst the students, students are given weekly themes, to pen down one thing they are grateful for. These themes extend from family to school and nation. Each term, a special individual or organisation is identified for staff, students and parents to pen a special thank you note to express their appreciation for their contributions. Past recipients include Mr Lee Kuan Yew, SAF, NParks and most recently, to our frontline healthcare workers who are battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  5. Days of Recollection are held for all secondary level to reflect on the past year and put into action the school values of love (gratitude and humility) by getting them to show their gratitude to their friends and teachers, and to reconcile with those whom they have caused hurt or who have hurt them.

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  6. As part of our effort to expose our students to various socio-cultural backgrounds, learning journeys to different places of worship were organised for both CCE and NE leaders, starting in 2019. The girls learnt about the multiple facets of different religions, as they interacted with the religious leaders from the Sri Mariamman temple; Kong Meng San Monastery; An-Nahdhah Mosque and the Gurdwara Sahib Silat Road Sikh Temple.

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  7. In our bid to increase civic-literacy, global awareness and communication skills, our CCE leaders are trained to carry out discussions on contemporary issues during CCE lessons using the ‘Clarify, Sensitise and Influence’ approach. These issues range from local issues such as discernment of fake news to global issues such as the Australian bushfires. During CCE lessons, our students are encouraged by the CCE leaders to share their thoughts on the issues through various classroom strategies such as ‘Fear in the bag’ etc.

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