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Girls of Grace • Women of Strength • Leaders with Heart

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Student Council Executive Committee


At CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School, we believe not only in nurturing and producing leaders, but to nurture leaders to serve the school, community and the nation. It is the school’s desire and goal to develop and nurture that leader in every girl the moment she steps into the school. Guided by our school values of Truth, Justice, Freedom and Love, every St. Nicholas student will maximise her potential and be nurtured to become a leader who has integrity, is resilient and compassionate. The students will be confident to lead and committed to serving the needs of the disadvantaged and underprivileged (in line with the IJ mission). Our students will exhibit these attributes by always upholding the school motto, Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty.

Our school aspires to equip all students with values necessary to be better leaders by discovering and leading oneself, inspiring others and subsequently making a positive change in our community. Our school values are being explicitly taught in the formal and informal curriculum, guiding and providing the purpose for our students’ right behaviours. The St. Nicholas Leadership Programme (SNLP) is based on John C. Maxwell’s Leadership Model which equips our students with specific skills that will help them to become better leaders through formal and on-the-job training.

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Figure 1. Student Leadership Framework

The St. Nicholas Leadership Programme (SNLP) is based on two principal provisions, the provision of ‘Trainings’ and ‘Opportunities’. The trainings consist of leadership workshops which focus on equipping and honing leadership skills and inculcating the school’s values required for students to exercise their leadership competencies and skills with excellence. Mentorship and hands-on training are also integral parts of leadership training. Supervising teachers and senior student leaders serve as mentors and coaches to provide active consultation, facilitation and support to empower trainee leaders with skills and knowledge. Through these trainings, students will develop their individual leadership aptitude, formulate personal goals to attain, as well as to be a good team player.


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Student Council President with student leaders from other schools at the National Day Rally

(1) Trainings
All St. Nicholas students go through the SNLP which provides structured developmental leadership training. This includes leadership milestone trainings, which identifies specific leadership skills to be taught to each level. There is segmented and progressive leadership development programme for student leaders such as CCA leaders, Student Councillors, NE Ambassadors and Class Chairpersons. Adapted from the Treffinger’s Levels of Service (LoS) approach for talent development, the programme consists of 3 tiers as represented in Figure 1.

Figure 1. The St. Nicholas Leadership Programme (SNLP) is tiered by student readiness.
(the size of each level indicates the number of students in the programme)

In Level 100 modules, all students are equipped with the necessary skills to be proficient leaders to lead self and to serve the needs of the school. Students who display potential and ability to take on leadership roles within the school then proceed to take Level 200 modules. Outstanding student leaders are then nominated to attend Level 300 modules which will prepare them to take on greater challenges both within and beyond the school.


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Figure 2. Selected key modules in the St. Nicholas Leadership Programme.

In addition to structured trainings, informal on-the-job training with close mentorship and coaching are integral parts of leadership training at St. Nicholas. Supervising teachers and senior student leaders provide active feedback so that junior student leaders are equipped with knowledge and gain more confidence in their course of work.

(2) Opportunities
The school believes in empowering students and giving them a voice. Students are invited to participate actively in the life of the school and to play their part as members of the St. Nicholas family. Here are some examples of leadership opportunities available in our school:

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Our Principal and the student leaders at the Share An Umbrella Opening Ceremony

Leadership Opportunities

School Appointments

School Project Appointments

Student Councillor

Class Chairperson

Class Committee

CCA Committees

House Committee

Sports Leaders

Values in Action Leaders

National Education Ambassadors

Environment Leaders

Project Work Leaders

Student Leadership Convention Joint IP Leadership Symposium

Sports Carnival

Open House

English Language and Literature Festival (ELLF)

Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme

Literature-in-English Seminar


Students are assessed to qualify as a role model via the Conduct Grade. The rubrics of the Conduct Grade state the expectations of behaviour for every student. The school uses the Leadership Grade to give an indication of the students' level of leadership development, in terms of acquisition of skills and character, in making a positive influence in their arena.

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