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National Education

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Our National Education Curriculum Framework
In alignment with the school vision, our students are engaged in a curriculum that embodies the objectives of Citizenship Education while portraying the need for the students to center themselves through the moral compass guided by “Truth, Justice, Freedom and Love”. The Citizenship curriculum aims to engage the “Head, Hearts and Hands” of our students through the activities and events outlined in the outermost ring of framework.

In engaging the “Head”, lesson packages on contemporary issues and current affairs are implemented in the classroom during CCE lessons on a timely basis. Different perspectives are discussed through CCE Buzz sessions. By engaging our students in civic discourse, we aim to heighten their civic-literacy as well as build confidence in their ability to voice their opinions. Nuggets of information and activities are also planned by our NE ambassadors to expose our students about different faiths and festivals such as Pongal festival and Hari Raya Puasa.

2019 was also the year when we inaugurated the Sec 3 NRIC Citizenship Ceremony. This session aimed to inculcate the importance of Citizenship as well as educating the students about the rights and privileges which citizens enjoy in a country. The girls learn that as part of maintaining their citizenship rights, they also have to exercise responsibility as citizens, for example, to vote.

The Character Education Committee and National Committee work in tandem to lay out the fundamental structures of the various programmes that allow staff to shape our students’ exposure significantly both at local and global levels. Students also ride on the vast opportunities made available by our synergistic stakeholders to deepen their knowledge and enhance their experience.

NE 1.jpg
Racial Harmony Day festivities

NE 2.jpg
Singing to their hearts' content, to the tune of National Day Songs

Leadership development is also focused on developing a core team of student leaders who are able to lead the student population both at the class and school level to drive the various NE activities. This is done primarily through the NE ambassadors, some of whom have served since they were in Secondary 1.

In engaging the “Heart”, students connect emotionally with the Singapore story. By being exposed to an array of enrichment programmes such as Conversational Malay Language modules and Learning Journeys to heritage sites such as Chinatown Heritage Centre, Singapore River and most recently, the Bicentennial Experience, our students have an increased awareness of Singapore’s unique history, culture and national icons, the contributions and sacrifices by our forefathers that have brought us to where we are today. Through the commemoration of key NE events, we hope that our students will appreciate Singapore and have a deeper sense of belonging to this place as home.

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As part of our effort to expose our students to various socio-cultural backgrounds, learning journeys to different places of worship were organised for both Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) and National Education (NE) leaders. The girls learnt about the multiple facets of different religions, as they interacted with the religious leaders from the Sri Mariamman temple; Kong Meng San Monastery; An-Nahdhah Mosque and the Gurdwara Sahib Silat Road Sikh Temple.

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Our students, after a guided visit to the Sri Mariamman Temple by our teacher, Ms Punitha Ramanathan. 
NE 6.jpg
Our girls, finding out more about Buddhism from the Venerable from Kong Meng San Monastery.
NE 7.jpg
There were much laughter and chatter as our girls interacted with their new friends of the Muslim faith.
NE 8.png
Having tea at the communal canteen of the Sikh Temple.

In engaging the “Hands”, students are actively involved in reaching out to the communities in need. Partnerships with our Primary counterparts and external organisations are made possible through SNGS Gives Back initiative, various Values-in-Action projects as well as through involvement in camps. Through active participation in these programmes, our students gain important 21 CC skills such as civic literacy, cross-cultural and collaboration skills. These experiences also allow them to identify their personal strengths and interests, which will in turn, provide them with the opportunities to lead, contribute to and create Singapore’s future. They have also enabled our students to learn to see beyond themselves, their family and friends, and look towards service to society and nation. This will help our students to foster connections between them and the community, instilling in them a sense of compassion for others.

NE 9.jpg
P4 Cultural Camp - our Secondary NE Ambassadors' favourite sign-up programme to be camp facilitators.

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