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Mental Health Education Programme

The school's Mental Health Education (MHE) Programme is designed to achieve the following goals for our students:

G1: Strengthen students’ resilience and well-being and for them to obtain and maintain good mental health 

G2: Understand mental health as a continuum from mental wellness to mental illness

G3: Develop an understanding of mental illness and their treatments

G4: Enhance their help-seeking efficacy 

G5: Destigmatise mental illness 

In St Nicks’, the MHE curriculum takes reference from the topics stipulated by MOE’s Student Development Curriculum Division.  The table below states the range of topics covered in the MHE curriculum from Sec 1 to 4, outlining the Skills, Knowledge, Values and Attitude which will be covered in the various aspects of your child’s school experiences- including FTGP, CCE lessons, assembly programmes etc. 

We have also included some resources that may be helpful for understanding your child’s development in Mental Health Education. Together, we hope to journey with parents to ensure our students’ mental well-being as well as to reinforce the importance of having a mindset of growth in them.

Strengthening resilience & well-beingCurated resources
G1i.Strengthen resilience and well-being and obtain and maintain good mental health

ii. Facing challenges


  • Skills for maintaining good mental health
    • Monitoring emotional state along the continuum 
    • Managing negative thoughts
  • Self-control for health and safety
  • Peer Support messages under “I Have” for resilience

  • Applying “I am, I can, I have” in different contexts.
  • Self-compassion and accepting limitations in failure and unmet expectations 


Differentiating between Stress, Distress and Illness (with enhancing help-seeking efficacy embedded)
Curated resources

G2-4 Understand mental health as a continuum from mental wellness to mental illness

Mental Health continuum

  • Focus on recognising limits to coping and importance of help-seeking 

  •  Differentiating stress and distress (self-monitoring thoughts, feelings and behaviours)   

Destigmatising mental illness and help-seeking (with enhancing help-seeking efficacy embedded)   Curated resources 
G5  Destigmatise mental illness

  • Sub-topics: Stigma/ Mental Illnesses
  • Stereotypes and stigma of mental illnesses 


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