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Environmental Education

Environmental Education Framework

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In line with the school vision, the environment committee aims to be able to mould and develop students who will act responsibly for the environment. We hope that at the end of the four years secondary education, our students will be able to (i) Care for their environment, (ii) Participate in environment activities, (iii) Influence others to act for the environment and (iv) Lead others in environment activities. This is achieved through our Environment Education curriculum which engages our students in four main areas: Academic programmes, Character and Citizenship Education, Leadership development and Partnerships.

Environment Education Curriculum

Our Academic programmes center on weaving environmental concepts into our respective subject programmes such as the MacRitchie Learning trail – a collaboration between the Science and Humanities Department to broaden our students’ perspectives as they learn more about water pollution and biodiversity in real life context. The outdoor classrooms created in school (Shade house comprising of various hydroponics systems, rainwater collection system and alternative energy) allow students to learn more about self-sustainable farming systems and are used by various academic departments in carrying out their programmes.

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) engages our students in activities where they are able to take action to make a positive difference to the environment as they learn and partake in recycling drives, Values-in-Action programmes and interclass-competitions. Environment issues are also covered in their CCE lessons.

Leadership development is focused on developing a core team of student leaders who are able to lead the student population both at the class and school level to conserve our environment and drive the various environment activities. This is done primarily through the Green Club.

Partnership looks at identifying organisations with programmes which we can tap on to help promote our cause in Environment conservation. We also engage the help of our Parent Support Group and Alumnae Association to collaborate with our Environment ambassadors in carrying out the various Environment activities in school.

Through these programmes, it is hoped that our students will exude the qualities of Girls of Grace, Women of Strength and Leaders with Heart – A person who truly cares, participate, influence and lead others in environmentally conscious habits and activities.

Academic programs

- Enrichment Activities with environment focus

    > Mac Ritchie Learning Trail

    > Field investigations

- Outdoor learning classrooms

- Subject based programs

Character and Citizenship Education

- Assembly programs and interclass competitions

     > Chinese New Year Recycling Drive

     > World Water Day exhibition (Water Conservation)

    - Values In Action (Block Cleaning, Beach Clean Up, Learning trails at the Waterways)

- CCE lessons (Singapore Green Plan, 3R, Energy and Water Conservation and Sustainable Living)

Leadership development

- Environment Leaders and Green Club Members

- Green Club Girls to lead in school wide campaigns

- Environment leaders to lead their classmates in green initiatives


- City Developments Limited

- National Environment Agency

- Singapore Environment Council

- Public Utilities Board

- National Parks Board

- Parent Support Group (PSG)

- SNGS Alumnae Association




School Green Awards 2019

Vanda Miss Joaquim Award

School Green Awards 2018

Yellow Flame Award

School Green Awards 2017

Lotus Sustained Achievement Award 

School Green Awards 2016 

Lotus Sustained Achievement Award 

School Green Awards 2015 

Lotus Sustained Achievement Award 

 3R Awards 2015

 Sustained 3R Award

 School Green Awards 2014

Lotus Award 

 3R Awards 2014

 Gold Award

Green Carpet Award 2014


National Youth Envirolympics Challenge 2014


3R Awards 2013

Gold Award

Green Audit Award 2013

Lotus Award

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