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Cyber Wellness

St Nicks' Cyber Wellness Programme

The school's Cyber Wellness programme is designed to develop our students into responsible digital learner, based on these principles:

(1) Respect for Self and Others
(2) Safe and Responsible Use (3) Positive Peer Influence

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© MOE Educational Technology Division (ETD) Baseline ICT Standards

In St Nicks’, the Cyber Wellness curriculum takes reference from the five themes stipulated by MOE’s Educational Technology Division (ETD). The table below states the range of topics covered from Sec 1 to 4. We have also aligned our curriculum to the ‘Connect’ prong of the Baseline ICT Standards for New Media Literacies. The table below outlines the Learning Outcomes as well as the Skills, Knowledge, Values and Attitude which will be covered in the various aspects of your child’s school experiences- including FTGP, CCE lessons, assembly programmes etc.

Learning Outcomes (Sec School)


Learning Outcomes (LO)

Skills, knowledge, Values, Attitude

Cyber Use

LO 10

Use appropriate digital communication tools and strategies to share information with the intended viewers

Use appropriate applications to share/publish information publicly (e.g. YouTube, Twitter, blog)

Cyber Relationships

LO 11

Participate in a community actively

Advocate and influence others to maintain a positive presence in the community

Cyber Use & Ethics

Initiate the formation of new online communities

Moderate interactions within an online community

Cyber Identity

LO 12

Manage personal online identity and reputation

Conduct regular checks of personal information available online (e.g. check on comments, tags of personal information by others, use of social media analytics)

Cyber Citizenship & Relationships

LO 13

Demonstrate appreciation for diversity and social cohesion

Observe internet etiquette in communication (e.g. use appropriate language, emoticons)

Respond open-mindedly to different ideas and values

We have also included some resources that may be helpful for understanding your child’s involvement in the Digital Space across the topics covered in our curriculum. We understand that to manage our students’ well-being in the Digital Space effectively, parents play an integral role in reinforcing the messages shared in school.



Cyber Use & Ethics

  • Creating and sharing of online content in a responsible manner

  • Respecting copyright




Cyber Relationships

  • Netiquette

  • Cyber bullying

  • Developing safe, respectful and meaningful online relationships




Cyber Use

  • Maintaining a healthy balance of online and offline activities




Cyber Identity

  • Developing a healthy online identity

  • Appropriate online expression



Cyber Citizenship

  • Understanding the cyber world

  • Handling online content and behavior

  • Having a positive presence in the cyber community





*denotes resources which cover broad topics


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Together, we hope to partner our parents in ensuring that our students’ participation in the Digital Space remains safe and value adds to her growth.

Besides learning about Cyber Wellness through structured CCE lessons at all four levels, positive online behaviour and safe surfing habits are also inculcated through the following:

(1) ICT-enabled lessons of various subjects
(2) Cyber Wellness Carnival
(3) Cyber Wellness Assembly/FTGP
(4) Class Cyber Wellness Ambassadors
(5) Discussion of contemporary issues arising from usage in the Cyber Space

Leadership development is focused on developing a core team of student leaders who are able to lead the student population both at the class and school level to drive the various Cyber Wellness programmes. This is done primarily through the Cyber Wellness Ambassadors.

Additional Cyber Wellness Resources

Resources for Students

Cyberwellness 101

MOE ICT Connection CW resources for Students

Resources for Parents

Cyberwellness Tip Sheet for Parents

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Resources for Educators

Cyberwellness Bite-size Resources for Teachers

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