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SNGS CCE Framework

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Prior to the envisioning exercise at the end of 2012, the school had a Pupil Development Framework which incorporated the co-curricular and character development programmes, guided by the previous school vision “A Leader in Every Student”. In the same year, MOE announced a new direction in CCE, and hence, it is necessary for the school to review her Pupil Development framework and develop one that is in tandem with new directions. The CCE Framework documents the school’s approach to develop our students holistically and guides the school in the deployment of our staff and resources, monitoring of outcomes and review of programmes. The school reviewed the CCE Framework and the work plan following one year of implementation of the new CCE syllabus in 2014.

The SNGS CCE Programme encompasses Co-Curricular Activities (CCA), National Education (NE), Values in Action (VIA), Student Leadership and Values Education. It is anchored on the school Vision, Mission, Values, Motto and the ethos of care, gratitude and sisterly love that stems from the philosophy of 饮水思源 (Gratitude). These are aligned to MOE’s desired outcomes of education, SEL competencies 21CC as well as the R3ICH values of respect, responsibility, resilience, integrity, care and harmony.

Our Belief And Guiding Principles

The school believes that character is the heart of our SNGS education. While academic achievements and outcomes provide students with the passports to progress to different institutions of choice for further learning and options in life, a strong and upright character with the right positive attitudes is fundamental in a person’s growth for a balanced life. Hence, CCE is key and critical in the holistic development of our students.

As an IJ school, we are guided by the values of Truth, Justice, Freedom and Love and the school motto: Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty to help students realise the vision of being Girls of Grace, Women of Strength and Leaders with Heart. This is in line with the school mission and will stand the students in good stead to serve the needs of persons who are disadvantaged and become concerned and committed citizens and members of the global community.

Our Aproach

Our approach to CCE is based on a 3-E process: Equip, Expose and Enact. All components of CCE – CCA, NE, VIA, Values Education and Student Leadership - focus on equipping students with the skills and knowledge, exposing them to different experiences as well as providing sufficient platforms and opportunities for them to enact their learning.

Being a Catholic school, our approach is anchored in and congruent with the school Mission, Values & Motto. They provide the guiding principles for the school to develop a well-balanced curriculum incorporating the 3-E tiered approach to support the delivery of its Mission and realization of its Vision.

Platforms that integrate the components of CCE – CCA, NE, VIA, Student Leadership, Values Education - are established to provide the breadth, scope and depth for students of different levels to practise, experience and live out the values espoused. All students are encouraged to be leaders in their own way, and opportunities are also given to them to exercise initiative and take personal responsibility for their own character and leadership development, to become leaders with good character – Grace, Strength, Heart.

Supporting all these efforts are our partners: the IJ Board, PSG (Parents@StNicks) and Alumni Association, who lend strong support to the school to shape and develop the girls through direction setting, strong collaboration, presence as well as contribution of time, effort and resources. Our N6 Cluster, KBCC and community at large provide additional platforms and opportunities for our girls to develop and live out their values. Together we shape them to be Girls of Grace, Women of Strength and Leaders with Heart.

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