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Student Leadership

Girls of Grace • Women of Strength • Leaders with Heart
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Student Council Executive Committee


Guided by our school values of Truth, Justice, Freedom and Love, it is our belief that every St Nicholas student will maximise her potential and be nurtured to become a leader who has integrity, is resilient and compassionate. In line with the IJ mission, students will be confident to lead and committed to serving the needs of the disadvantaged and underprivileged. Our students will exhibit these attributes by upholding the school motto, Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty

Our school aspires to equip all students with values necessary to be better leaders by discovering and leading oneself, inspiring others and subsequently making a positive change in our community.

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Figure 1. Student Leadership Framework

The St. Nicholas Leadership Programme (SNLP) is based on two principal provisions, the provision of ‘Trainings’ and ‘Opportunities’. The trainings consist of leadership workshops which focus on equipping and honing leadership skills and inculcating the school’s values required for students to exercise their leadership competencies and skills with excellence. Hands-on training are also integral parts of leadership training, whereby student leaders are given the support and skills needed to become effective leaders. Through these trainings, students will develop their individual leadership aptitude, formulate personal goals to attain, as well as to be a good team player.

(1) Trainings
All St Nicholas students go through the SNLP which provides structured developmental leadership training. This includes leadership milestone trainings, which identifies specific leadership skills to be taught at each level. Key skills such as coordination, facilitation and communication skills are explicitly taught to our students through workshops and training sessions. The five Practices of ‘The Leadership Challenge © ’are also mapped out as focus areas for the respective cohort. This ensures that there is segmented and progressive leadership development programme for our students throughout their four year journey in our school.

(2) Opportunities
Our school believes in empowering students and developing important 21 CC skills through an array of platforms, as outlined in the table below. Students are invited to participate actively in the life of the school and to play their part as members of the St Nicholas family.

Leadership development at CHIJ St Nicholas (Sec)

Future Readiness

Civic-Literacy, Global Awareness and Cross-Cultural Skills

Critical and Inventive Thinking

Communication, Collaboration and Information



Skills Acquisition


Cohort VIA

-   Sec 1 (CMH)

-   Sec 2 (HCA)

-   Design Thinking 

-   Dialogue Sessions 

-   Mass Leadership Workshops

-   Student Leadership Workshops 

Level Camps:
Sec 1 Orientation Camp/Sec 2 Alumni Camp/ Sec 3 Bonding Camp

Sec 3

(Self-initiated VIA)

-   Appointment in the Class Management Committee (CMC) 

-   Organising committee of school-wide events

-   Student Council (on selection basis) 

Subject Leaders Training

Partnerships with   external organisations  
-e.g.Student Leaders Convention (HCI) 
-Y.Lead (RVHS)
-Culture Scope Prog

Community Outreach (Collaboration with Grassroots organisation) 

Pinnacle Prog (for top CCA leaders and Student Council Exco- 'Lunch with Industry Leader'; Learning Journey to Harmony Centre)

Here are some examples of leadership opportunities available in our school:

Our Student Leaders at Harmony Centre and An-Nahdhah Mosque, understanding the importance of cross-cultural skills.

SL2.jpgOur Principal and the student leaders at the ‘Share An Umbrella’ Opening Ceremony


Our Student Leaders with Ms Nichol Ng, co-founder of Food Bank- to learn about the importance of resilience through her sharing about her journey as an ex-St Nicks’ student and how she overcome challenges in her personal and professional life.

Leadership Opportunities

School Appointments

School Project Appointments

Student Councillor

Class Committee

CCA Committee

House Committee

Student Leadership Convention Joint IP Leadership Symposium

Sports Carnival

Open House

English Language and Literature Festival (ELLF)

Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme

Literature-in-English Seminar


NE Core Events


Student Council

SL 4.jpg

The 13th Student Council Investiture

Established in 2008, the Student Council strives to serve the student body and forge stronger bonds among students so as to bring the school to greater heights. The Student Council also aspires to promote the school values and be exemplary role models to their peers in the school.

Key events organised by the Student Council include the Secondary One Orientation, and Teachers’ Day Celebration. In addition, the Student Council also supports school events such as Chinese New Year Celebrations, Moonlight Party, Open House, Primary Five Camp, SYF Showcase, Jubilate, IP Leadership Symposiums, Meet-the-Parent sessions and Parent-Teacher Conferences.

As a bridge to link the student body and the school, the Student Council constantly acts on feedback from the student population and together with the Council teachers, discuss, propose and co-plan ideas for the student population. Some initiatives that have been implemented are Colourful Friday and DJ Booth which aim to improve the general welfare of the students. In 2014, the Councillors were also involved in the conceptualisation of the Students’ Lounge乐悠轩, a facility which is enjoyed by students from both secondary and primary sections.

The Student Council comprises of Councillors from Secondary 2 to 4, led by a President, two Vice-Presidents and the Executive Committee (EXCO). The Student Council is divided into three wings, namely the Logistics Wing, Events Wing and Welfare Wing, each helmed by two Wing Heads. Being in charge of the different aspects of the school allows the Student Council to maintain discipline and lead their school mates while striving for the betterment of the student body. SL 5.png

Teachers in-charge:

1.  Mrs Lily Tan

2.  Ms Vivian Foo

3.  Mrs Uma Jacob

2019-2020 Executive Committee


Kirsten Tan (4 Loyalty)


Sim kai Tong Bernice (4 Faith)
Siu Wen Xin (4 Purity)

Logistics Wing Heads

Tan Yan Ling (4 Faith)  Kaslyn Neo Kai Xin (4 Loyalty)                  Jean Tan (4 Unity)

Events Wing Heads

Cheryl Khoo Jia Xuan (4 Diligence) Hoo Rae En (4 Diligence)    Avril Lim Si-Ying (4 Purity)

Welfare Wing Heads

Marissa Ng Yi Ni (4 Grace) Chong Xin En Glenda (4 Purity)  Elizabeth Leong Swee Yin (4 Purity)

The Student Council seizes valuable networking opportunities to work with student leaders from other schools. Through a variety of platforms and programmes, they gain exposure to a wide range of issues, learn problem-solving skills and feel empowered to speak up for causes they strongly believe in. Some programmes that our Councillors have participated in are the Hwa Chong Institution’s Student Leadership Convention, River Valley High School’s Y.LEAD Seminar and Student Leadership Exco Exchange with our Joint Integrated Programme (JIP) partner schools.

Sl 6.jpg
Student Leadership Board Exco Exchange

Through our DSA (Leadership) programme, we aim to develop leaders who:

  • are passionate and committed to the service of others and the community
  • possess and demonstrate the qualities of ‘leaders with heart’


Candidates should have:

  • attained leadership positions in primary school (e.g. Head/Vice-Head Prefect, CCA heads etc.) or;
  • led in community/service projects (e.g. Value-in-Action projects with school/community wide impact) or;
  • been recognised by the school/community/external organisation(s) for their contribution (e.g. EAGLES (Leadership) award, ECHA, Brownies Chief Commissioner’s Award etc.)
  • have demonstrated overall readiness to benefit from our JIP or ‘O’ level programme (Candidates are encouraged to indicate their preference for JIP or ‘O’ levels)

Leadership Development at St Nicholas for DSA (Leadership) Students  

Future Readiness

21CC skills

Civic-Literacy, Global Awareness &   Cross-Cultural Skills

Critical & Inventive Thinking

Communication, Collaboration & Information




Skills Acquisition


Sec 1/ Year 1

P4 NE Camp

(~ Mar)

-   Design Thinking Projects

Design Thinking

Priority for Leadership Passion Pursuit 

Sec 2/

Year 2

P5 Camp

(Aug & Nov)

-        Singapore Kindness Movement Project Drivers

-        Culture Scope Prog

-   Application of Design Thinking

-   Cross Cultural Skills

-   Project management

-   Presentation skills

Priority for Leadership Passion Pursuit

Sec 3/

Year 3

Sec 1/2 Camp 

Organising committee of school-wide events

-   Cross cultural

-   Project management

-   Presentation skills

Lunch with Industry Leader

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