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Cultural Intelligence

CQ is Cultural Intelligence, the capability to function effectively in diverse cultural settings.

Since 2014, St Nicks has partnered with CQ Academy, under the direction of experts from Nanyang Business School, NTU, to create a unique ‘CQ Teens’ programme tailored specially for our secondary students. It is a distinctive and engaging CQ curriculum aimed at developing culturally intelligent leadership skills in all our students. They are equipped with the knowledge, drive and perspectives to function effectively in a rapidly globalising world. Through exposure to authentic culturally-diverse settings and opportunities for enactment, our students hone their CQ.

Growing cultural diversity in both the workplace and our society has changed the skillsets needed for effective leadership. To prepare our students to be culturally sensitive and effective leaders, CQ drives them to build understanding and trust with people from different cultural groups, thereby fostering deeper collaboration and tapping into a richer pool of opportunities.