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Talent Development

Here at St Nicks, we seek to nurture ‘Girls of Grace, Women of Strength, Leaders with Heart’. To achieve this vision, we provide you with opportunities to explore your interests, talents and strengths, and empower you to develop your potential in these areas.

We provide a wide range of opportunities designed to enable you to discover, pursue and nurture your individual passions and talents. These opportunities are categorised into 4 broad domains and at 4 different levels. They cater to your various strengths, talents or interests, and allow for breadth and depth in your journey of learning and self-discovery:

Talent Development domains:
  1. Aesthetics and Physical Education
  2. Humanities and Languages
  3. Mathematics and Science
  4. Lifeskills and Leadership

Talent Development Framework

Our Talent Development Framework draws on Treffinger’s Levels of Service model. It offers varied opportunities for students to discover, develop, apply and celebrate their strengths, talents, and sustained interests, as well as to affirm their lifelong importance.

The approach involves services at 4 levels, ranging from services to build foundations for talent development and provide exposure (Level 1) to services that recognise and respond to the needs of students who have demonstrated high levels of aptitude in specific domains (Level 4).

Examples of Talent Development opportunities

Students may download a full list of the SNGS Talent Development Programmes for 2018 from MConline.