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SAP Flagship Programme

As a SAP school, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School is committed to nurturing bilingual and bicultural students who are also able to appreciate the diversity of cultures in Singapore. Our flagship Bilingual-Bicultural SAP programme aims to cultivate the language skills as well as the cultural and social consciousness of St Nicholas students through the traditional Chinese disciplines of Language and Literature, History and Philosophy. With many broad-based programmes and activities catering to all students, as well as quality peak programmes to nurture students who are talented and interested in translation, the CHIJ St Nicholas Bilingual-Bicultural Programme leads students on a journey of exploration and reflection on what it means to be a Chinese within the local Chinese community, in multi-racial and multicultural Singapore, as well as in the world.


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Language and Literature(文)

History (史)



Intermediate Translation


Chinese literature

Songwriting workshop and competition

Basic DJ Training

Creative Arts Programme



Ancient Chinese history

Modern and Contemporary China

Learning Journeys

Confucian Studies

Introduction to Chinese Philosophy

Programmes integrating Language and Literature, History and Philosophy

MTL Fortnight Cultural Camp

Cultural workshops (Guqin and Weiqi)

Drama Appreciation

Xinyao Appreciation

Research Mentorship Programme

Immersion programmes