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Research and Mentorship

The Research and Mentorship Programme in CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School emphasises progressively equipping our students with the necessary knowledge and skills to engage in research projects at a higher level. Students are provided with platforms to apply their knowledge and skills in authentic settings. These learning experiences help strengthen students’ future-ready skills such as: information and research literacy skills, complex problem solving skills, and collaborative skills.

The Research and Mentorship Programme is structured as follows:

Research and Mentorship Model.PNG

For Advanced Research, our students have the opportunity to pursue their passions at a higher level through individual or group research projects. The types of research projects include school-based projects mentored by teachers and external research projects mentored by experts in their specialised fields. Examples of projects pursued by our Secondary 3 and 4 students include: decision-making of General Yamashita and General Percival during the invasion of Singapore, portrayal of gender roles in Disney films, the ability of driverless cars to recognise road signs, and the ethics of genetically modified food.