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CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ Secondary Choir consists of girls of ages ranging from 13 to 16 years old. The choristers take immense pride in representing their school in performances and competitions, singing an extensive choral repertoire ranging from traditional Asian folk songs, English madrigals to Eastern European songs. Our members are motivated and bonded by their passion for music and singing. To share their joy of singing, SN Choir has performed in many concerts, competitions and community events over the years.

We strive to do our best in all our performances. We are blessed to have a dedicated choir conductor and teachers who are constantly supporting and guiding us, ensuring that we have interesting and varied choral experiences. It was through the many obstacles we faced that we were able to grow tremendously in our choral journey.

"We are SN Choir, and we create the dream!"

CCA Information

Training / Meeting Venue  AVA Room
Training Day / TimeTue:     3.45 pm - 6.15 pm  
Fri:     4.00 pm - 6.30 pm
Instructors / Coach

Miss Lim Ai Hooi


Mrs Fung Hwee Hua
Miss Latha d/o Murugiah
Mr Lee Shanwei, Joshua

Student Executive Committee (2022 - 2023)

Sarah Anne Lim Yue Shi
Sec 3F
Yu Zhiqian Kaelyn
Sec 3D
Chloe Tay Jia YiSec 3JSecretary
Lim En WenSec 3LResource Manager
Neo Jia Xin OliviaSec 3WWelfare Manager
Shania Pan Rui LinSec 2TAssistant Secretary 
Koh Wan Ting
Sec 2UAssistant Resource Manager
Grace Giam Enxi
Sec 3P
Sectional Leader (Sop 1)
Esther Lai En XinSec 3WSectional Leader (Sop 2)
Tan Wen Hui
Sec 3J
Sectional Leader (Alto 1)
Leong Enhui Melina
Sec 3J
Sectional Leader (Alto 2)
Charmaine Ng Kit MinSec 2CAssistant Sectional Leader (Sop 1)
Crystal MoeSec 2LAssistant Sectional Leader (Sop 2)
Seah Jingyi ShuanneSec 2LAssistant Sectional Leader (Alto 1)
Zhu MingqiSec 2P
Assistant Sectional Leader (Alto 2)

Student Executive Committee (2021 - 2022)

Ong Shee LengSec 4UPresident 
Li Jiatong
Sec 4D
Ng Wei Xuan Sec 4L Secretary
Tan Ruien Rachel
Sec 4W
Resource Manager
Ng Wan Yee
Sec 4C
Welfare Manager
Yu Zhiqian Kaelyn Sec 3DAssistant Secretary 
Sarah Anne Lim Yue ShiSec 3F
Assistant Resource Manager
Poa Sho Chin, Vera
Sec 4U
Sectional Leader (Sop 1)
Johanna Lee Sec 4PSectional Leader (Sop 2)
Taria Mulyadi Sec 4WSectional Leader (Alto 1)
Sim Winn Ki Sec 4TSectional Leader (Alto 2)
Grace Giam Enxi
Sec 3P
Assistant Sectional Leader (Sop 1)
Leong Enhui Melina
Sec 3J
Assistant Sectional Leader (Sop 2)
Tan Wen Hui
Sec 3J
Assistant Sectional Leader (Alto 1)
Isabelle Fiona Padawangi
Sec 3C
Assistant Sectional Leader (Alto 2)

CCA Highlights

Jubilate 2022

From the initial planning and the numerous sessions of practices, leading to the recording, the girls experienced a new way of performing. All enjoyed and put up an interesting performance with 3 songs weaved into a narration of hope and passion for singing.

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Choir Workshop with Dr Harper

Dr Harper is a music clinician with a wide repertoire of skills and experience in singing techniques and expressions. The choir students enjoyed and learnt new ways to express themselves and surely benefitted much from the workshop.

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Guest performance at HCI High School concert "From Dusk till Dawn"

SN Choir was honoured to be invited to perform alongside with the HCI High School Choir. Our choir conductor, Miss Lim Ai Hooi guided the girls throughout the performance. It was definitely a wonderful evening of music and song and seeing young people full of energy and passion.

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Choir Exchange at NYGH

The exchange was a gathering of 5 secondary school choirs. It was a time for the students to perform, observe, listen and learn to be better. The students had fun in the bonding activities and make friends among choirs from other schools. The exchange allowed our students to grow, make mistakes, affirm their strengths, cheer and support each other.

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CCA Achievement

Singapore Youth Festival 2019Secondary SchoolDistinction
Singapore Youth Festival 2017Secondary SchoolDistinction
Singapore International Chinese Choral FestivalSecondary SchoolGold Award
3rd Singapore International Chloral FestivalSecondary SchoolSilver Award

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