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Chinese Drama Society

Chinese Drama Society

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Chinese Drama Society (CDS) is an open and welcoming family. Each and every member is unique with their own skills and talents. Through enjoyable CCA sessions, we are able to bond and learn with others, allowing us to discover the new talents we never knew existed. Moreover, we are able to gain experience in stage make-up, props-making and acting, some skills that are not taught in our daily curriculum.

CCA Information

Training / Meeting VenueMPR 1, 2, 3 (Wed)
Drama Studio (Fri)
Training Day / TimeWed:     3.45 pm - 6.30 pm
Fri:         4.00 pm - 6.30 pm
InstructorsMr Li Jia 李嘉老师
Ms Sun Meiling 孙美玲老师


Ms Zhao Haiping 赵海萍老师
Ms Jacqueline Lim Xin Yi 林欣仪老师
Ms Phang Lee Shia 彭栎霞老师  

Student Executive Committee (2022 - 2023)

Khoo Qi Xuan, Claresta 邱琪媗Sec 3H主席 President
Kelly Ho Jia Yi 何嘉怡
Sec 3F副主席 Vice President
Amelie Koh Wei Lyn 许玮琳
 Sec 3G 演出组长 Head of Performance
Woon Le Qing 云乐晴
 Sec 3D 总务 Head of Logistics
Goh Si Ying Fiona 吴思颖
 Sec 2D 福利组长 Head of Welfare
Lee Xinyi, Fionn李欣怡
 Sec 2T 活动组长 Head of Events

Student Executive Committee (2021 - 2022)

Wong Jie Hui Rosanne 黄洁惠
Sec 4H主席 President
Carlyn Chew 周可淋
Sec 4W副主席 Vice President
Esther Loh Xin Qi 罗心琪
Sec 4T
演出组长 Head of Performance
Giann Soo Jing Wen 苏靖文Sec 4H总务 Head of Logistics
Ng Ee Ching 黄逸晴
Sec 3D福利组长 Head of Welfare
Khoo Qi Xuan, Claresta 邱琪媗
Sec 3H活动组长 Head of Events

CCA Highlights

2022 流金溢彩表演
2022 Jubilate

Performance Titles:    
02 Jubilate.jpg
2022 启航

Performance Titles:

03 Qihang.jpg
2021 青年节戏剧艺术汇演
2021 SYF Drama Arts Presentation

Performance Title:
带我到巅峰 / Take Me to the Top

荣获特优奖 (Certificate of Distinction)
04 SYF Drama Arts Presentation.jpg

CCA Achievement

 2021 Singapore Youth Festival
Arts Presentation for Drama
Secondary School LevelDistinction 
2019 Singapore Youth Festival
Arts Presentation for Drama
Secondary School LevelCertificate of Accomplishment
2017 Singapore Youth Festival
Arts Presentation for Drama
Secondary School LevelDistinction

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