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Girl Guides

Girl Guides

Girl Guides @ SN aims to prepare guides to handle challenges and new situations with a sense of confidence and self-assuredness. Through the 5-Point Programme and various proficiency/interest badges, guides are able to develop their leadership, decision-making and team-building skills.

Guide Motto:
Be Prepared

Guide Promise:

I promise to do my best;
To do my duty to God,
To serve my country and help other people, and
To keep the Guide Law

CCA Information

Training / Meeting VenueParade Square / Field / Classroom / Guides HQ
Training Day / TimeWed & Fri:    4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Ms Fadhilah Bte R. Harianto
Ms Tan Ann Nie 
Ms Chen Yiqi 
Mdm Xie Fuzhen

Student Executive Committee (2022-2023)

Engracia See Yun EnSec 3JCompany Leader
Jaenelle Lim Jia EnSec 3JCompany Leader
Yvonne Aurelia WibowoSec 3PCompany Leader
Megan Sim Yan XinSec 3GAssistant Company Leader
Jaimie Chan Xin HuiSec 3LAssistant Company Leader
Zai Min Si IsabelleSec 3LAssistant Company Leader

Student Executive Committee (2021-2022)

Yoo KarisSec 4HCompany Leader
Denise Bey Yi JieSec 4HCompany Leader
Rei HoSec 4WCompany Leader
Ng Yee Teng, RaeneiceSec 4PAssistant Company Leader
Phoebe Raelyn QuekSec 4PAssistant Company Leader
Chua Le Ning KelleneSec 4UAssistant Company Leader

CCA Highlights

Annual Girl Guides Camp and Campfire

The annual Girl Guides camp is held during the March break. The camp provides Guides with a platform to hone their skills, bond with one another and demonstrate their capabilities.

It is also a time where Guides look forward to every year for activities like outdoor cooking and Kim’s games.


World Thinking Day and North Division Day

The annual North Division Day is a day where Brownies and Girl Guides from all units in the North Division meet to learn from and share with each other their guiding practices through activities and competitions. In 2022, it was held virtually.

5-Point Programme, Proficiency & Interest Badges

The 5-Point Programme provides Girl Guides with opportunities to develop in the following areas:

  • Personal & Social Development
  • Home
  • Outdoor
  • Community
  • International

Guides are also able to attain different proficiency and interest badges throughout their years in Girl Guides, for example:

  • Craft badge
  • Entertainer badge
  • Friends to the Visually Impaired badge
  • Gardens by the Bay Ambassador badge
  • Pathfinder badge

CCA Achievements

CompetitionLevel Achievement / Recipients
Baden-Powell Award 2022

Poh Sher Lyn Alaena (Sec 3G)
Rachel Ong Jing Wen (Sec 3U)
Engracia See Yun En (Sec 3J)
See Rui Ying Rainie (Sec 3D)
Jaimie Chan Xin Hui (Sec 3L)
Yvonne Aurelia Wibowo (Sec 3P)
Baden-Powell Award 2021

Caroline Yuen Wen Qi (Sec 4P)
Chan Ler Ting, Valerie (Sec 4G)
Felice Tan Yan Ning (Sec 3L)
Gabrielle Faith Wong Hui En (Sec 3L)
Koo Keet Wai, Joanna (Sec 3J)
Lee Wan Lin (Sec 3D)
Lim Jiayi, Anjo (Sec 4D)
Rei Ho (Sec 3W)
So Shao Qing (Sec 3U)
Toh En Qi, Michelle (Sec 4D)
Yoo Karis (Sec 3H)
Puan Noor Aishah Award 2021Unit Award Bronze 

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