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No Guts, No Glory!

Our Core Values
Believe & Battle
Effort & Endurance
All for One, One for All
Sacrifice & Succeed
Trust to Think, Think to Trust

Our Objectives
To develop an appreciation and passion for the game
To develop good sportsmanship and leadership skills
To develop players’ fitness, skills and character through training and games
To nurture players of character so as to become Girls of Grace, Women of Strength, Leaders with Heart

CCA Information

Training/Meeting VenueNetball Courts
Training Day / TimeMonday & Wednesday: 3:45 pm -6:30 pm
Friday: 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm
InstructorsMs Ong Chin Chin


Ms Ou Wanjun
Ms Juliet Huang
Ms Juliana Grahan
Ms Goh Meow Peng Sherry 

Student Executive Committee (2020 - 2021)

Charlotte Megan Lee RuiSec 4TB Division Captain
Tan Yen LengSec 4FB Division Vice-Captain
Avrielle Charlotte HoSec 2WC Division Captain
Z'ann Lia OngSec 2WC Divison Vice-Captain 

CCA Highlights

‘B’ Division 2021

In 2021, it was announced that the National School Games will resume with only 12 non-contact sports but Netball was not one of them. Despite feeling dejected, we still enjoyed attending training sessions.  Our teachers, captains and coach helped to arrange a mini competition league amongst players in order to keep our competitive spirit going whilst still have fun. As the league is ongoing now, it really is touching to see the team players all cheering for each other even if we were playing against one another, and giving as much as they could on court. It was really the display of all for one, one for all, and 姐妹同心.

Even though 2020-2021 is not how any of us had intended our upper secondary life to have played out, it has definitely been an experience that helped us realise how special SNNB and playing netball is to us.

‘C’ Division 2021

SNNB is an exciting team sport whose members share a common interest, passion and goal. Training can be tough at times, however, as a team, we put on the fighting spirit and encourage each other along the way, enabling us to be better players, leaders, and sisters, both on and off court. Being in SNNB, allows us to grow both physically and mentally as student athletes of SNGS. 

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‘B’ Division 2020

2020 started quite promising when we started the year with the initial rounds of the ‘B’ Division North Zone National School Games Netball Competition. However, the games were suspended due to the global pandemic and virtual training became the new norm for us. 

When we were finally allowed to go back to school for face-to-face training, keeping to the group of 5 proved to be quite a challenge as we were limited to practising with the same group every practice. However, it was heart-warming to see all the players still raring to go. The constant motivation and support given by our teachers and coach enabled us to bounce back quickly. Through this experience, we displayed two of our core CCA values – Believe and Battle, Effort and Endurance.

‘C’ Division 2020 

CCA Achievements

 Nationals 2019 'B' DivisionTop 16 
 Nationals 2019'C' Division Top 16 
 North Zone 2019'B' Division 2nd
 North Zone 2019'C' Division 2nd 
 Nationals 2018
'B' DivisionTop 16
 Nationals 2018 'C' Division Top 16 
 North Zone 2018'B' Division   4th
North Zone 2018
'C' Division 
Nationals 2017 'C' Division Top 8 
 North Zone 2017'B' Division 2nd Round 
 North Zone 2017'C' Division  3rd 

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