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Lee Chong Wei once said, “Skills win you medals, but attitude wins hearts.” In most things, there’s always a winner, however, accomplishments do not make a person. 

Life is not always smooth-sailing, and our CCA has allowed us to grow resilient and strong, to learn the importance of “mind over matter”, to fight and do the unexpected. St Nicholas Badminton has deeply cultivated these values into our members.

Our CCA is a closely-knitted team. Our efforts on the court and the trainings we go through allow us to bond and understand one another, letting us grow closer over the years. Our team supports and encourages each other to strive for our best and play every shuttle with all we’ve got. 

With opportunities such as national and external competitions, friendly matches and sports camps, everyone is provided opportunities to develop as both a badminton player and as a person. Our team is prepared to work harder and continue to reach for the stars! 

SNBT All the way!

CCA Information

Training/ Meeting VenueSecondary ISH
Training Day/ Time
Monday and Wednesday: 3:45 pm - 6.30 pm
Friday: 4:00 pm - 6.30 pm
InstructorsCoach Jin Xiao Bai


Mr Chew Ren Jie, Daryl
Mr Cai Jinhong
Mrs Seah Puay Hwa
Miss Siaw Pey Shin

Student Executive Committee (2020 - 2021)

Ng Xuan JieSec 3UCaptain
Leanne Lee Xin YiSec 3JVice Captain

CCA Highlights

Secondary 3sC:\Users\S8704100z\Desktop\Badminton Photos\Selected for yearbook 2020\best pic blues. JPG.JPG
Secondary 2sC:\Users\S8704100z\Desktop\Badminton Photos\Selected for yearbook 2020\IMG_5092.JPG
Secondary 1s C:\Users\S8704100z\Desktop\Badminton Photos\Selected for yearbook 2020\IMG_4906.JPG
 Training Time!C:\Users\S8704100z\Desktop\Badminton Photos\Selected for yearbook 2020\IMG_5316.JPG

C:\Users\S8704100z\Desktop\Badminton Photos\Selected for yearbook 2020\IMG_5403.JPG 

CCA Achievements

 North Zone Inter-School Badminton Championships 2019B Division Third 
North Zone Inter-School Badminton Championships 2019  C DivisonThird 

National Inter-School Badminton

Championships 2018

C DivisionFourth

North Zone Inter-School Badminton

Championships 2018

B DivisionThird

North Zone Inter-School Badminton

Championships 2018

 C Division Third

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