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Scientific thinking is beautiful thinking. Science is more than a body of knowledge; it is a way of life — of knowing and doing. Through science, we strive to nurture you to be concerned citizens with inquiring minds, to think critically and creatively and contribute to an increasingly technologically driven world. You will be developed in the area of scientific literacy to enhance your understanding of the nature of Science and its relationship to society, thus providing you with an education that goes beyond the mere teaching of the basic concepts of Science.

Our Curriculum

“Let curiosity lead the way” is the spirit of scientific inquiry as you engage in meaningful and enjoyable learning within and beyond the classroom. Through authentic learning experiences and experiential opportunities, you will apply the skills and processes of inquiry and develop attitudes and values that are essential to the practice of Science to better understand your natural and physical world. These opportunities also serve as platforms for you to pursue your passions and to cultivate a deeper interest in Science.

Our Enrichment

Secondary 1 MacRitchie Interdisciplinary Project

The Secondary 1 MacRitchie Interdisciplinary project provides an authentic learning experience for you to engage in experiential learning of Mathematics, Science and Geography. You would carry out scientific investigation of water quality using a test kit, data logger and the live tracking of results. You will learn to be a concerned and responsible citizen as you unpack the problem of water scarcity in Singapore and examine the effectiveness of measures in ensuring sustainability of water in Singapore.

Secondary 2 Science Investigative Project

An essential part of the Science curriculum to deepen your process and research skills, you would explore and investigate the world around you to be independent, creative and critical learners. You would work in groups to initiate and design scientific investigation under the guidance of your assigned Science teachers as your mentors.

The outstanding projects would be submitted for the Elementz Science Competition and the A*STAR East Zone Science Competition.

Secondary 3 Expanding Your Horizons Science Conference

An annual event for all Secondary 3 students, this conference includes talks, hands-on activities, exhibition booths and Amazing Race Challenge to deepen the interest of students in Science, raise your awareness of Science and its relevance to life, and get to meet and interact with positive role models who are active in science-related careers.

Singapore Junior Physics, Biology, Chemistry Olympiad Training

The Olympiad training develops students who have the passion and desire to pursue Science in greater depth and exposure to further develop scientific knowledge and skills.

Passion Pursuit Modules

Our Passion Pursuit modules include: A Day at the Museum, Science behind Crime Scene Investigations, Pharmaceutical Science and Aromachemistry, astronomy and food gastronomy. These broad-based enrichment programmes provide the opportunities for you to pursue your passion, interest and enrich your learning.

Science Talent Development Programme

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