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In today’s increasingly interconnected and unpredictable world, Humanities education plays an undeniably instrumental role in empowering our students with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the modern terrain. Through a multidisciplinary approach across the subjects of Geography, History and Social Studies, you will develop a keenly inquisitive disposition alongside a sense of empathy and critical appreciation for the environment and people around you.

Our Curriculum

The Humanities curriculum is centered on interdisciplinary thinking which enables you to draw connections and apply integrated skills within and beyond the classroom. Through exploration and critical consideration of alternative perspectives about complex and authentic issues, you will be able to deepen your sense of appreciation and empathy for people and the environment, while developing a confident personal voice. As you reflect on your own beliefs, values and thinking, you will construct your own understanding of the world, thus playing an active role in imagining and shaping the future.

Our Enrichment

Secondary 1 Urban Development Study Tour

In this learning journey, you will learn about challenges faced by Singapore in tackling urban issues of land and water shortage, as well as strategies that are vital to Singapore's survival and sustainable development.

Secondary 2 Battlefield Study Tour

This experience will immerse you in learning about Singapore’s history in the war through visiting key WWII sites in Singapore. Through the study of artefacts, exploration of historical sites and war stories, you will develop sensitivity while engaging in dialogues about the war.

Geographical, Historical and Social Studies Investigation

In this fieldwork enrichment programme, you will have the opportunity to investigate wide-ranging issues spanning the school, local and national levels. Through active engagement in various inquiry processes, you will develop and deploy various skills to become critical, creative, analytical and reflective thinkers.

Interdisciplinary Projects

To broaden students’ perspectives and understanding local and regional issues, Humanities projects at the lower secondary level are integrated with other subjects, including Mathematics, Science and Food and Consumer Education, to highlight the multidisciplinary concepts. 

Humanities Talent Development Programme (HTDP)

The HTDP seeks to develop students who have the passion and desire to pursue the Humanities in greater depth and exposure. You will get to broaden your exposure of the Humanities and undertake a Humanities Research Study under the close guidance of mentors.