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Bilingual education is a cornerstone of Singapore’s education system. As a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) school, our mission is to cultivate bicultural students who are effectively bilingual in English and the Chinese language, and appreciate the richness of Chinese language and culture as well as its enduring value in our multicultural society and open economy.


Our Curriculum

We strive to nurture students to be effective and confident communicators of your thoughts and feelings in authentic settings, whilst concurrently imbuing a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of the Chinese culture and language. Your critical thinking skills would be honed through discussions on current affairs, debates, dialogues and projects. Underpinning the curriculum is the development of values, socio-emotional competencies and cultural intelligence.


Our Enrichment

As a SAP school, we provide an immersive bilingual environment to deepen your interests and competencies through an enriching and comprehensive suite of programmes and enrichment activities.


Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP) 双文化课程

The BSP aims to nurture a bicultural orientation amongst a core group of students. The programme will help you develop an interest in and capacity to engage China and the West. BSP students will take up a more intensive Chinese curriculum to learn about contemporary China’s economy, society, politics and international relations, as well as experience significant immersion in China and a learning trip in a Western country. 

The BSP is a 4-year programme offered from IP Years 3 to 6, jointly offered by our Integrated Programme partner school Eunoia Junior College. Outstanding students can apply for the MOE BSP Scholarship in Year 3 or Year 5. 

More details can be found here.




O-Level Literature in Chinese O水准华文文学课程

The O-Level Literature in Chinese course allows you to to better appreciate Chinese literature, as well as acquire skills in literary critique. Passionate students can grow as bilingual language specialists who are in high demand in Singapore’s education, media, translation and cultural industries.

This is a two-year course offered from Secondary 3 to 4. Interested graduates can look forward to joining the Chinese Language Elective Programme offered in selected junior colleges, and benefit from bonus points for JC admission. Outstanding students can also apply for the MOE LEP Scholarship in JC1.


O水准华文文学课程为期两年,在中三至中四年级进行。热爱华文文学的毕业生可以在指定初级学院加入语文特选课程 (入学时享有优待分) 并申请教育部颁发的语文特选课程奖学金。

Appreciation of Chinese Culture (ACC) 中华文史课程

In lower secondary, you will attend a 1-hour ACC lesson each week where you learn about the culture of Chinese Singaporeans, an introduction to China’s history, literature and contemporary developments, as well as translation.

In upper secondary, you can opt for optional modules on Traditional Chinese Medicine, intermediate translation, and an introduction to interpretation.



Mother Tongue Fortnight and Other Enrichment Activities 母语双周与深广活动

The annual Mother Tongue Fortnight and other enrichment activities allow you to deepen your learning of Chinese language, literature, culture and research. Some activities include:
  • Learning Journeys on local culture and history
  • Chinese drama outing
  • Museum guide training
  • SAP Schools Research Mentorship Programme
  • Chinese & bilingual debates
  • Song writing workshops
  • SNGS Chinese Knowledge Challenge
  • Author-in-Residence Programme
  • Creative writing
  • Basic DJ course
  • Introduction to Zither
  • Introduction to Weiqi
  • China immersion programme

  • 本地文史学习之旅
  • 戏剧欣赏、剧场体验
  • 博物馆导览员培训
  • 特选中学学术幼苗计划
  • 辩论
  • 词曲创作工作坊
  • 圣尼各拉“华文无极限”常识问答比赛
  • 驻校作家计划
  • 文学创作
  • 基础DJ课程
  • 古琴初探
  • 围棋入门
  • 中国浸濡