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The appreciation of Aesthetics helps us connect with one another through multimodal forms, thus providing a platform for self-expression. Through Aesthetics education, you will enjoy plenty of immersive experiences in the multiplicity of aesthetic practices, including the various disciplines of Art, Music, Design and Technology, and Food and Consumer Education. With such opportunities for creative and innovative endeavours, we hope to deepen students’ appreciation and ignite your passion for all forms of Aesthetics, thus making Aesthetics education the bedrock of lifelong enjoyment and appreciation of the arts.

Our Curriculum

Self-expression, creativity and innovation are core guiding principles in our curriculum. Through formal curriculum and school-wide programmes, you will have a myriad of opportunities to express your creativity multi-modally. You will also enjoy a plethora of showcase and performance opportunities, and even a chance to participate in local and international competitions. For students who are interested to deepen your learning, you can also choose to offer Art and Music as ‘O’ level subjects at Upper Secondary.

Our Enrichment

Aesthetics Week

Aesthetics Week takes place in March each year, It offers you opportunities to participate in a range of exciting activities spanning across the disciplines of Art, Design and Technology, Food and Consumer Education and Music, thus developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Aesthetics.

Click here to watch our past Aesthetics Week. (link to past video of Aesthetics Week)

Passion Pursuit Modules

Passion Pursuit modules provide students the  opportunities to pursue your areas of interest through hands-on courses such as Fun with Baking, The Creative Ceramics and Basic Technical Skills in our Homes

Music Elective Programme

The  Music Elective Programme (MEP) is a 4-year programme which is designed to engage students in the musical activities of Listening, Performing and Composing, while providing opportunities for them to follow their own musical aspirations. It provides opportunities for musically-inclined students to pursue a deeper and more comprehensive study in the subject. 

The MEP curriculum aims to develop students' conceptual and analytical thinking and creativity. Learning experiences include music analysis, aural perception, composition and performance. You will enjoy opportunities to attend workshops by composers, performers and professionals in the industry, and may even have the opportunity to represent the school at national events. 

Our school is one of the 10 secondary schools hosting the Music Elective Programme in Singapore. 
More details can be found here.