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SNGS Gives back

“SNGS Gives Back” is a school-wide initiative to encourage students of CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School to give to meaningful causes.

Held in conjunction with National Day celebrations, it made its debut in 2012. That year, each student received a National Day notebook with a customised logo, which they then gave away to the orphans and disadvantaged children. Our students were encouraged to decorate their notebooks as well as to write a message for their recipients. A total of 1150 notebooks were distributed to the underpriviledged children from across various Asian countries such as Myanmar, the Philippines, Sabah and Cambodia with the help of an overseas humanitarian agency, Caritas Humanitarian Aid & Relief Initiatives, Singapore (CHARIS).

In 2014, each student received a National Day clear pencil case with a customised logo and they were encouraged to fill up their pencil cases with stationery. A total of 1440 stationery-filled pencil cases from both the students and staff members of the full school were collected on the day of exercise. With this collection, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School hope to make a difference to the beneficiaries of the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF). Apart from that, the school hope to reach out to 1000 Cambodian children of a rural district of Siem Reap, Cambodia. To this end, some 15 secondary girls and 2 teachers will be organising a community service trip to Cambodia in November 2014. The purpose of this trip is to give our secondary students an opportunity to contribute to Kbon Primary School, a local school in Siem Reap, Cambodia which St Nicks has adopted and has been partnering since 2013. Our secondary students will be presenting some 1000 pencil cases to the children of Kbon Primary School and the families of the Kbon Village during their trip.

To celebrate Children’s Day this year, 20 SMPF beneficiaries were invited for a party with our primary students on 20 September 2014 at our school premises. Each beneficiary was presented with a pencil case by a St Nicks student.

 Four secondary students, who are participants of Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes Social Entreprenurship Initiative, also prepared badges and bookmarks to be included in the pencil cases for the SPMF beneficiaries. These students also raised funds for Singapore Heart Foundation by selling those items earlier in the year.

Through “SNGS Gives Back”, the school hopes to nurture our students to be leaders with heart.

Check out the photos below.

SNGS Gives Back Photos