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NE Framework


Our National Education Curriculum Framework

In alignment with the school vision, our pupils are engaged in an NE curriculum that embodies the objectives of National Education while portraying the need for the students to centre themselves through the moral compass guided by “Truth, Justice, Freedom and Love”. The NE curriculum aims to engage the “Head, Hearts and Hands” of our pupils through the activities and events outlined in the outermost ring of framework . 

In engaging the “Head’, students are given the opportunity to be actively involved in their own learning. In exploring current affairs and social issues in the Academic Curriculum as well as in the commemoration of the NE days, our pupils arrive at a deeper understanding of the challenges facing Singapore and what it means to be a Singaporean


In engaging the “Heart”, students connect emotionally with the Singapore story. By being exposed to an array of enrichment programmes such as Primary 4 Cultural Appreciation Camp, Conversational Malay Language modules and Learning Journeys to heritage sites such Images of Singapore, Singapore Discovery Centre and many more, students have an increased awareness of Singapore’s unique history, culture and national icons, the contributions and sacrifices by our forefathers that have brought us to where we are today. They will appreciate Singapore and have a deeper sense of belonging to this place as home


Visits to local and overseas homes through the Values in Action (VIA) Programme, have allowed pupils to learn to see beyond themselves, their family and friends, and look towards service to society and nation. This will help our pupils to foster connections between them and the community, instilling in them a sense of compassion for others.

In engaging the “Hands”, students are also actively involved in reaching out to the communities in need. Partnerships with external organizations are made possible through SNGS Gives Back initiative, 3R campaigns and charity donation drives that empower pupils to gain experience and confidence while embarking on their projects. This will further allow pupils to identify their personal strengths and interests, which will in turn, provide them with the opportunities to lead, contribute to and create Singapore’s future.