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Character and Values Education

CCE-FTGP Overview  

The school believes that character building is the heart of our SNGS education. While academic achievements and outcomes provide pupils with the passport to progress in life, a strong and upright character with the right positive attitudes is fundamental for our pupils to flourish and live fulfilling lives. 

In our school, the CCE lessons provide the time for teachers to engage and build relationship with our pupils through discussions and effective classroom strategies. CCE lessons are used for :  

  • explicit teaching of values and social and emotional skills to address the holistic developmental needs of pupils

  • equipping pupils with knowledge and skills to better understand real-world contexts

  • discussions on contemporary issues to enable our pupils to grasp current realities in our national, regional, and global contexts 

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE-FTGP) plays a key and critical role in the holistic development of our pupils.


In St Nicholas Girls’ School (Primary), our character education is anchored on a 3-E process: Equip, Expose and Enact. Our CCE programme focuses on equipping our pupils with skills and knowledge, exposing them to different experiences. In doing so, we also seek to provide meaningful platforms and opportunities for our pupils to enact their learning.

Being a Catholic school, our approach is aligned with the School Mission, Values and Motto. They provide the guiding principles for our school as we develop a well-balanced curriculum incorporating the 3-E tiered approach to support the delivery of its Mission and realization of its Vision.

Programme Highlights

1 ECG LJ  Changi Airport_1.jpg2 ECG LJ  Changi Airport_2.jpg
Be future-ready: P6 ECG Learning Journey to Changi Airport

3 Character Comes Alive Pic 1.jpg
4 Character Comes Alive Pic 2.jpeg
5 Character Comes Alive Pic 3.jpeg
Developing a caring disposition through perspective-taking: Character Comes Alive 

6 Cyber Wellness Fair_1.jpg.jpeg7 Cyber Wellness Fair_2.jpg.jpeg
Navigating cyberspace responsibly: Cyber Wellness Fair 

8 ECG Day for P1-6.jpeg
Inculcating civic values such as empathy and respect: ECG Day 

9 CQ Education - Lesson Time .jpeg10 CQ Education in action - P4 NE Camp .jpeg
11 CQ Education Lesson Time.jpeg12 CQ Lesson Time - Reading CQ Story .jpeg
Appreciating Diversity: Social Mixing / Cultural Intelligence (CQ) 

13 Penning Down Gratitude Notes for the Heros in our community_1.jpg14 Penning down the learning points on ECG Day in ALPS Reflection Journals.jpeg
Commitment to the common good:
Gratitude notes written to external agencies