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CCE Framework


Our Belief and Guiding Principles

The school believes that character is the heart of our SNGS education. While academic achievements and outcomes provide pupils with the passports to progress to different institutions of choice for further learning and options in life, a strong and upright character with the right positive attitudes is fundamental in a person’s growth for a balanced life. Hence, CCE is key and critical in the holistic development of our pupils.
As an IJ school, we are guided by the values of Truth, Justice, Freedom and Love and the school motto: Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty to help pupils realise the vision of being Girls of Grace, Women of Strength and Leaders with Heart. This is in line with the school mission and will stand the pupils in good stead to serve the needs of persons who are disadvantaged and become concerned and committed citizens and members of the global community.

Our Approach

In St Nicholas Girls’ School (Primary), our character education is anchored on a 3-E process: Equip, Expose and Enact. All components of CCE – CCA, NE, VIA and Student Leadership – focus on equipping our pupils with skills and knowledge, exposing them to different experiences. In doing so, we also seek to provide meaningful platforms and opportunities for our pupils to enact their learning.

Being a Catholic school, our approach is aligned with the School Mission, Values and Motto. They provide the guiding principles for our school as we develop a well-balanced curriculum incorporating the 3-E tiered approach to support the delivery of its Mission and realization of its Vision.