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School Fees

PrimarySchool Fees
NationalitySchool Fees (S$)
Standard Misc Fee(S$)
Second-tier Misc* fees (S$)
Singapore Citizen
your child may use her Edusave account to pay the Second-tier Misc fees
 Singapore PR
 International Student (ASEAN)440.006.506.50
 International Student 700.006.506.50
*Second-tier miscellaneous fees are decided by schools up to a cap of 100%of the standard miscellaneous fees.

  • Singapore Citizen Students may apply to use her Edusave Account for payment of 2nd tier Miscellaneous Fees.

  • Note: Pupils who have request of withdrawal rejected due to insufficient funds in their Edusave accounts will be required to pay with cash or personal cheque. To check the balance in the pupils’ Edusave Accounts, please call the following telephone number : 6260 0777

  • For Application of Inter-bank Giro Scheme and Edusave Payment of 2nd tier Miscellaneous Fees, please approach the General Office