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Circular NoCircular DateTarget AudienceTitleRemarks 
P012 January 2020 AllStart of Year LetterDownload
 P022 January 2020  P3Milestone Leadership Training Programme for P3 Pupils Download
P03 2 January 2020    P4Milestone Leadership Training Programme for P4 Pupils  Download
P04 2 January 2020   P5 Milestone Leadership Training Programme for P5 Pupils Download
 P063 January 2020  Public Speaking Workshop Circular Download
P10  09 January 2020 All Chinese New Year Celebration 2020 Download
 P12 20 January 2020 P6  P6 Level VIA circular Download
P13  16 January 2020  Education and Career Guidance Day 2020 Circular Download
 P17 21 January 2020P3 - 6 Student Leaders Induction Circular Download
 P1831 January 2020  ALL Parents Circular to access ICT portals  Download
 P21 31 January 2020P5 - 6 2020 P5 P6 TA Circular Download
P22 3 February 2020 P4 - 6 2020 Student Leadership Day Camp Circular Download
P23  31 January 2020 MOE SEd in Schools - the Growing Years Programme Circular 2020 Download
 P285 February  2020 AllAdditional Precautionary Measures for 2019-nCoV Download
 P295 February  2020  P1 and P2 Student Leaders Touchpoint for Class Monitors  Download
 P3017 February 2020  P3 to P6 Student Leaders Touchpoint for Class Monitors Download
 P32 24 February 2020 Student Leaders Touchpoints for NESS Representatives Download
 P34 21 February 2020 P3 to P6 Student Leaders Touchpoint for Media and Cyber Wellness Representatives Download
 P3525 February 2020  Student Leaders’ Touchpoint Sessions for P3 to P6 Welfare Committee Download
 P36 25 February 2020  Student Leaders’ Touchpoint Sessions for Selected P4 and P5 Trainee PrefectsDownload
 P372 March 2020  SNGS House T-shirt Order Download
 P3828 February 2020   SYF Arts Presentation (AP) – Chinese Dance Download
 P393 March 2020  SYF Arts Presentation (AP) – Instrumental Ensemble (Guzheng) Download
P40 13 March 2020  SYF Arts Presentation (AP) 2020 – Instrumental Ensemble (Guzheng) Download