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PE and Aesthetics

In the physical and aesthetics domain, we want to nurture our students to be
  •  Engaged learners
  •  Confident and skillful movers
  •  Explorative and creative girls
  •  Passionate about life-long active living

The AC2E2 Teaching and Learning Approach


Authentic Learning

Differentiated Instruction to bring about real-world context into learning


Cultivate Curiosity

Guided Discovery, Purposeful Play, Thinking Routines and Growth Mindset in lesson design


Cultivate Creativity


Engaged Learners

Active Reviewing Cycle and Peer Review Feedback for Performance


Embedded Values

School Values are incorporated in lesson design

 Our Signature Programmes 

  • Physical and Health Education
   o PAM Fusion
   o Boulder Wall
   o Health Awareness Week 
   o Health Education projects

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  • Aesthetics
   o Artsation Week
   o Makers Space in Art and Music classrooms
   o Cultural Arts programme such as Chinese Dance, Guzheng, Bian Gu, Indian Percussion, Chinese Calligraphy            and Seal Carving

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Enrichment Curriculum

   o Sports Carnival
   o Outdoor Fun Day
   o Cohort Games Day
   o St Nicks Family Fiesta
   o Passion Pursuit modules
   o Modular Sports & Aesthetics modules
   o CCA Camp
   o P5 Adventure Camp
   o CCA Student Leadership Camp

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