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PE and Aesthetics


In the physical and aesthetics domain, we want to nurture our students to be
  • Engaged learners
  • Confident and skillful movers
  • Explorative and creative girls
  • Passionate about life-long active living


The AC2E2 Teaching and Learning Approach


Authentic Learning

Differentiated Instruction to bring about real-world context into learning


Cultivate Curiosity

Guided Discovery, Purposeful Play, Thinking Routines and Growth Mindset in lesson design


Cultivate Creativity


Engaged Learners

Active Reviewing Cycle and Peer Review Feedback for Performance


Embedded Values

School Values are incorporated in lesson design

Our Signature Programmes 

Physical and Health Education

In the PE and HE curriculum, lesson design follows a spiral progression. The content is enhanced and deepened as the pupil progresses from Primary 1 to Primary 6. The use of iPads and apps such as video recording, Kahoot, Plickers and Padlet aids collaborative learning. PAM Fusion is an integrated programme taught across the Primary 2 PE, Art and Music lessons. Through this programme, learning is synthesised across traditional subject areas and learning is deepened.  PE lessons in the Outdoor Education domain include Boulder Wall activities which promote overall motor development as well as hone spatial and directional awareness. It also boosts physical skills such as balance, hand and foot coordination and agility. 

Promotion of healthy living extends beyond the classroom as pupils engage in Health Education Projects to demonstrate their understanding. During the Health Awareness Week (Week of Wonder), pupils challenge each other through the participation of health quizzes, games, and sports challenges. To encourage pupils to eat more fruits and vegetables, pupils consume fruits and vegetables during snack time on Fruiti Friday. 

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Creativity and self-expression through different creative art forms are introduced to pupils. This enables them to express themselves confidently and make meaningful connections with different culture and the world around us. 

Primary 1 and 2
Pupils learn more about the Chinese culture through playing the Guzheng. Modular Aesthetics modules such as Needlework and Floral Arrangement are also introduced to provide pupils with opportunities to engage in a wider variety of activities. 

Primary 3 and 4 
Pupils learn Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting and Bian Gu. 

Primary 5 and 6 
Pupils learn Ceramics, Digital Art and Seal Carving. Passion Pursuit is a talent exploration programme that encourages all pupils to pick up a new skill that caters to their interest. 

To extend the pupils’ experiences, Artsation Week (Week of Wonder) encourages pupils to participate in new activities and engage in performances in class and during recess. 

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Enrichment Curriculum

Outdoor school programmes such as the P5 Adventure Camp and CCA Camp build resilience and character through problem-solving and team bonding activities. The Cohort Games Day from Primary 1 to 6 provide pupils with opportunities to display leadership, teamwork, and communication skills through purposeful play. As the pupils interact and face new challenges, team spirit, and team bonding are also forged.

In addition to annual programmes, the department organises several school-wide events. The Sports Carnival is a full-school sports event where the Primary 1 to Secondary 4 students represent their House colours in both track and field events. It is a day to commemorate the history of the house colours and create the awareness of sporting excellence, friendship, and respect. The St Nicks Fiesta is a fun-filled carnival organised every 3 years to bring the St Nicks community together through food and games. Jubilate is a biennial concert that displays the showmanship of the performing arts groups.

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