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A reflective learner, An effective problem solver, A skilful communicator


Develop every St Nick girl to be a self-directed learner, to be able to think critically and solve problems creatively.

Our Signature Programmes

RICE (Reasoning, Inquiry, Communication and Engagement)

To develop our pupils to be skillful communicators and learners with effective problem solving skills, the department has different inquiry-based activities for P1 – P6 pupils. Through these activities, our pupils learn to explore, be more self-directed in their learning as well as to work collaboratively with others. This also gives our pupils the opportunity to develop their reasoning and communication skills.

Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Through our ALP, we seek to nurture in our pupils:

●        A strong interest and competency in mathematical exploration;

●        The ability to think rigorously, innovatively and critically; and

●        A mindset of growth to learn and improve from setbacks.

A series of activities are planned for Primary Three and Four pupils. Through the hands-on activities, pupils learn to design their dream gardens and dream bedrooms, making use of the mathematical concepts and skills which they have learnt. The skills are further enhanced during the P3 Passion Pursuit programmes where pupils learn to work collaboratively and think critically and creatively to solve a given scenario. The P4 pupils also learn about the importance of sustainability when they make use of recycled materials to build their dream gardens. Through discussions and experimentation, pupils develop a mindset of growth and learn to constantly seek improvement in their work.

Picture 1.jpgPicture 2.jpg
  Exploring through inquiry-based activities 

Picture 3.jpgPicture 4.jpg
Enriching and engaging activities with the use of technology

Picture 5.jpgPicture 6.jpg
Fun math activities during Week of Wonder

Picture 7.jpg
ALP - sharing of P4 project work during Week of Wonder

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P3 Passion pursuit programmes