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The EL Department strive to nurture girls who are empathetic communicators, discerning readers and creative inquirers.

The department adopts the whole-language approach in English learning. Our girls develop their love for English in an environment that is rich in quality children’s literature. The girls also have many opportunities to think about what they have read or viewed, and they are encouraged to express themselves confidently.

Our Signature Programmes
  • The SNGS Writing Curriculum
The girls are taught to writing skills systematically. The SNGS Writing Curriculum equips pupils with a writing toolkit and provides platforms for both guided writing and free-response writing. Our pupils’ beautiful and creative pieces are showcased in our annual bilingual publication, Young Writers. The most able of our writers take part in the Creative Writing Programme and The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition.

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  • The SNGS Oracy Curriculum
We want all our girls, regardless of whether they are chatty or more reserved, to speak up. The SNGS Oracy Curriculum promotes purposeful talk amongst our girls to explore, critique, discuss, present ideas and views and, simply to bond! The rule in English class during oracy programmes such as Show and Tell, Talking Chips and Interaction Time is to talk and talk!

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