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Rhythmic Gymnastics

Aims and objectives

Rhythmic Gymnastics as a CCA aims to develop good body control, flexibility and coordination as well as enhances the cognitive aspects of the gymnast. As a gymnast grows, she will continue to develop, extend and refine agility, balance, coordination and flexibility which are required for higher level skills. Progressively, she will learn and develop the fundamental and higher level gymnastics skills needed for competition. Also, she will be required to handle hand apparatus, which ensures progressive participation in competitive gymnastics. 

Gymnastics is a sport of learning a skill and then practising it to perfection. With intentional and dedicated practice of the sport, the values of self-discipline and perseverance are developed. 


1. Selection and trial training module at Primary One 

How Do I Qualify for the CCA Programme? 

  1. Pupils with potential from Primary One will be identified during Physical Education lessons while pupils from other levels (P2-P4) have to attend a selection test by invitation only.
  2.  Upon selection, the pupil has to attend a 2 phase trial training, which is meant to be the next level of selection with higher level of gymnastics training components included.
  3.  Upon confirmation, the pupil will officially join the gymnastics team as a CCA and has to be committed to the sports.
Note: Short-listed pupils will receive consent forms issued by the school.


  • Reduced risks of injuries as exercises are varied and can be adapted to fit the age 
  • The sport does not depend upon weather, hence can be practised both indoors and outdoors (with proper mat in use) 
  • Develops the conditional and coordination skills, and to improve the flexibility of the joints 
  • Cognitive and psycho/socio development 
  • Contributes to the expansion of an individual’s basic sport culture


P2Mdm Wang Yingwang_ying@schools.gov.sg
P3Ms Chen Pei Jinchen_peijin@schools.gov.sg
 P4 Ms Chen Pei Jin chen_peijin@schools.gov.sg
 P5Ms Patricia Koh koh_yi_guan_patricia@schools.gov.sg
 P6 Mrs Sheon Weelee_sze_yuin@schools.gov.sg

CCA Schedule

Monday2 p.m. to 4 p.m.School Gymnasium
Wednesday2 p.m. to 4 p.m.School Gymnasium
 Friday 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. School Gymnasium

Additional Information 

All students are required to wear black tank top and gym shorts for all training sessions. Girls with long hair will need to tie their hair nearly. Students who are selected to participate in competitions will be required to attend extended training near competition dates.

CCA Highlights

National Primary Schools Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships 2019
Pri RGym 01.jpg
National Primary Schools Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships 2019Pri RGym 02.jpg
 National Primary Schools Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships 2019Pri RGym 03.jpg
 Daily Training-Warm Updaily.jpg
 Daily Training-Warm Updaily2.jpg

Last updated on: 27 Feb 2020