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Aims and objectives

The Guzheng CCA aims to cultivate pupils’ interest and passion for Chinese culture and values through the learning of a traditional Chinese instrument. Through the various platforms available to perform, our pupils are well-exposed and are given opportunities to showcase their talents.

Character Development

A Guzheng CCA member is a musician who is confident, resilient and self-disciplined. One who knows her strength, she is able to work towards it and further improve herself despite challenges. The Guzheng CCA members also work well together and have great team spirit amongst themselves.


  • Ensemble Playing 
  • Decoding Cipher Notations 
  • Fingering Techniques 
  • Maintaining the Guzheng 


  • Gain mastery in playing the Guzheng 
  • Perform and showcase talents 
  • Work together as a team towards a common goal 

Past Achievements

2019Chinese New Year Performance (School Event)
2019VIA at Elder Home
 2019Guzheng Exchange with Ai Tong School  Performance
 2019P1 Orientation  Performance
 2018SYF Arts Presentation  Distinction
 2018 Jubilate (School Event) Performance
 2017Chinese New Year Performance (School Event)  Performance
 2017 Moonlight Party (School Event) Performance


P3 and P4Mrs Phoebe Peer
P5 and P6Ms Xuanie Chin
 P5 and P6Miss Candy Gan gan_xin_lin_candy@schools.gov.sg 
 P5 and P6Mrs Wong Pih Foung wong_pih_foung@schools.gov.sg 

CCA Schedule

Wednesday2 p.m. to 4 p.m.Guzheng Room
Friday2 p.m. to 4 p.m.Guzheng Room

Additional information
Students who wish to purchase their own personal instruments can contact the CCA teachers in-charge. The school will assist to source for affordable second hand instruments. 

CCA Highlights

SYF Arts Presentation 2018Pri Guzheng 01.jpg
Chinese New Year Performance 2019CNY2019.jpg
Guzheng Exchange with Ai Tong School 2019Pri Guzheng 03.jpg

Last updated: 12 Mar 2020