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Vision, Mission, Motto, Values

Our Vision  学校愿景

Girls of Grace ● Women of Strength ● Leaders with Heart
娴雅少女 ● 坚毅巾帼 ● 仁爱领袖

Our Mission  办校宗旨

The mission of CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School is the creation 
of a Christ-centred school community where all work together 
for the promotion of truth, justice, freedom, and love, 
with special reference to the needs of persons who are 
disadvantaged in any way.
我校以基督教义作为办学重点 学校成员的任务在于培育学生良好的品德

Our Motto  校训 

Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty 
德纯, 义坚

Our Values  价值观

Truth, Justice, Freedom, Love


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