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Principal's Message

Since the school’s establishment in 1933, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School has been nurturing generations of accomplished young ladies who are anchored on sound values and driven by passion and purpose.

As a catholic-mission SAP school, we offer a unique educational experience, one that is future-oriented, yet rich in culture and heritage. As a full school offering both a well-established GCE ‘O’ Level Programme as well as an innovative Integrated Programme, we offer a range of enriching and authentic learning experiences catered to the needs of our students. Our dynamic curriculum reflects our commitment to help every child realise her fullest potential. Our girls enjoy an extensive range of holistic experiences to help them cultivate their abilities and talents in pursuit of all-round excellence. Indeed, many of our girls have moved on to make an indelible mark and blaze new trails in numerous fields.

What truly sets St Nicholas apart is our distinctive ethos and character. With a history spanning more than 8 decades, traditions are rich and ties, enduring. Like a rich tapestry that weaves through the lives of every staff and students, 饮水思源 (gratitude) and 姐妹同心 (sisterly love) are deeply embedded in the St Nick’s spirit. Our girls are blessed with many talents and are successful in so many areas. Yet, they continue to live out the IJ motto of Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty, possessing the humility to learn and improve, appreciating those who have helped them in ways big and small and placing others before self. The strong family culture continues to grow in the school. Our girls see each other as sisters, addressing each other affectionately as 姐姐 or 妹妹 and the friendships formed in this school will follow them for the rest of their lives. Moving ahead, we will continue to strengthen our spirit of gratitude and giving which has been so integral to the school’s ethos.

As we prepare our girls for the increasingly volatile and complex world, we are mindful that the school has to continuously review and refresh our curriculum to ensure that our girls have the necessary qualities, competencies and dispositions to succeed in the future. To this end, we are guided by our vision to develop our students as Girls of Grace ▪ Women of Strength ▪ Leaders with Heart. By the time our girls graduate, we hope to have developed in them a strong moral compass to navigate the tumultuous world, the resilience to persevere through setbacks, and the desire to go beyond self to contribute to the larger community. We are confident that our girls will continue to shine brightly as role models and inspire the hearts and minds of those around them.

As the adage goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” The school is blessed to have the amazing support of the IJ Board, our parents, alumni and partners. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of them for their invaluable expertise, unstinting help and countless sacrifices. Together, we will continue to walk the journey with our girls. May the spirit of St Nicholas continue to touch the lives of generations to come!

Thank you and God Bless
Mrs Fiona Tan









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