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Philosophy and Approach

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School, Catholic High School, and Singapore Chinese Girls’ School have in common a strong tradition of excellence in all round development of students, an outstanding legacy of producing visionary leaders and a strong network of alumni members from different fields who are dedicated and supportive of their schools. Our new junior college, Eunoia JC will leverage the best elements that are unique to the three schools, in particular, the synergy resulting from the confluence of three schools with strong heritage, sustained traditions of excellence and strong alumni networks, to realise our shared Joint IP vision of nurturing a community of principled leaders. Together, the four schools are weaving a tapestry of educational experiences with a strong emphasis on Character, Cognitive and Leadership development, to develop our students with a Passion for Life and Service to Society.


The above diagram summarises the Joint IP approach for developing and nurturing our students, through the three main blocks of (1) cognitive development(2) character development and (3) leadership development. The outer portion of the diagram shows the desired outcomes, in terms of the knowledge, skills and attitudes, that are embodied by our graduates.