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Curriculum Framework

Students on our Joint Integrated Programme can expect to immerse themselves in an enriched, extensive and authentic six‐year learning experience that would enable them to explore and further develop their personal strengths, passions and talents. Apart from the Core Curriculum, the Joint IP has three Signature Programmes: 
  1. World Readiness Programme
  2. Passion Pursuit and
  3. Lifeskills and Character Programme, as shown below:

Our Core Curriculum

Our Core Academic Programme ensures that our IP students are poised to further their intellectual pursuits and realise their potentials in different areas of interests and specialisations by providing a strong grounding in knowledge and skills across the different subject disciplines. Developed collaboratively by the three partner schools, the Year 1 to 4 academic programme is aligned with the three disciplines of Languages, Humanities and the Arts, and Mathematics and Sciences. This is to ensure a strong grounding in the content and skills, and rigour required to excel in the core subject disciplines offered within the same disciplinary clusters at JC1 (Year 5) and JC2 (Year 6).


A deep understanding of subject matter is emphasised as it supports further intellectual pursuits by enabling students to transform factual information into “useable” and new knowledge. Hence, all Years 1 and 2 students would offer a general curriculum that enable them to explore various disciplinary fields and make an informed choice regarding the subject options to be offered at Years 3 and 4, and subsequently at JC1 and JC2 including the MOE Special Programmes offered by EJC.

World Readiness Programme

Beyond the Core Academic Programme, our unique World Readiness Programme (WRP) aims to develop our students’ ability to impact lives in positive and ethical ways. The WRP prepares our students for the world beyond the classroom, equipping them to understand Singapore’s role in the international arena and exposing them to Asian and Western perspectives of geopolitical, social, cultural, economic and technological issues and megatrends.


For instance, modules offered under Philosophy of Knowledge, some in Chinese Language, rides on the existing strengths of our schools in nurturing bilingual and bicultural students. It also develops our IP students to be well‐versed in eastern and western perspectives on knowledge, reason and values. In turn, the Current Affairs modules are designed to promote an understanding of global issues and megatrends. Collectively, the World Readiness Programme offered at Year 1 to 4 develops global perspectives and equips our IP students with critical knowledge, skills and values needed to be the best for the world.

 Passion Pursuit

Guided by the firm belief that joy for learning is key to supporting future learnings, our Passion Pursuit (PP) offers customised opportunities for our IP students to pursue their learning at an extended or deeper level in both the academic and nonacademic domains in their six years with the Joint IP. Passion Pursuit provides avenues for high academic achievement, intellectual discovery, leadership excellence and extra‐curricular exploration essential to lifelong learning. This programme is enriched by the strong partnership among our three schools and our networks of alumni and community partners.


Passion Pursuit has both core and elective modules. The core module of Year 1 to 4 Research and Mentorship Programme enables all our IP students to have a choice of engaging in discipline‐based or multidisciplinary projects with a teacher mentor or a researcher and expert in selected fields. A reflective component weaved into the design of this programme brings our IP students on a journey of self‐discovery to deepen their engagement in these areas. Elective PP modules, on the other hand, are offered to IP students to nurture their intellectual curiosity and further their passion in the aesthetic, affective and psychomotor domains.

Talent Development Programmes

The three schools offer a spread of talent development programmes to help our Year 1 to 4 students transform their gifts into talents. Under these talent development programmes, our IP students are nurtured to take on challenging assignments that stretch them beyond their current competency and potential. These talent programmes can be in the areas of academics, aesthetics and even sports.

In addition, the Joint IP schools also offer MOE Special Programmes such as the Bicultural Studies Programme (Chinese) [BSP(C)] and the Music Elective Programme (MEP). The BSP(C) was first mooted in 2004 by our late founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, who foresaw the need to go beyond bilingualism to nurture a group of Singaporean leaders who are culturally conversant in both the East and the West. Our BSP(C) students will develop high cultural intelligence through an intensive Chinese curriculum and immersion experiences in China and aWestern country, along with opportunities to interact and share their experiences with students from other BSP(C) schools. Through the MEP offered in SNGS and CHS, students with an aptitude for music can pursue a deeper and more comprehensive study in music.


Lifeskills and Character Programme

Picture10a.jpgThe Joint IP Lifeskills and Character Programme, emphasising acquisition of core knowledge and nurturing of sound values and skills to develop active citizenry, will play an instrumental role in enabling IP students from our three schools to bring about positive changes in the world, our society, their own school community and family. 

These would be delivered via three key areas, namely the Co‐curricular Activities and Physical Education, Character and Leadership development, and Careers and Further Education. Provisions are made for IP students to be involved in either level‐wide activities or activities for targeted groups of students, to facilitate bonding among the IP students from all three schools.