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Our school National Police Cadet Corps unit seeks to inculcate leadership, courage, tenacity and a spirit of adventures in our students. This is done through lessons on police knowledge, law, outdoor skills, drills and firearm training.

Teachers-in-Charge :

Mdm Lee Keat Peng (Officer-in-Commanding)
Mr Victor Francis (Deputy Officer-in-Commanding)
Mr Eugene Chan
Ms Naseem Fatima

Coaches/Instructors :

Ms Soo Xin-Jie Evelyn (Instructor)
Ms Toh Pan Shin (Honorary Officer)
Ms Tan Huimin (Cadet Inspector)
Ms Lee Jia Yi (Cadet Inspector)
Ms Charlene Tan (Cadet Inspector)
Ms Hazel Wong Mei Mei (Cadet Inspector)
Ms Tan Wen Xin (Cadet Inspector)

Schedule :

Fridays 4.30pm to 6.30pm.
Saturdays 8.00am to 1.00pm (once a month, in place weekday's training sessions)
HQ courses, activities and competitions according to HQ schedule  

Venue :

Field / Basketball Court / Secondary Parade Square
External venues as designated by NPCC HQ.

Student Executive Committee (2018)

Sim Hsin Wei Lauren 4W Unit Overall-in-charge
Euphrasia Marie Francisco 4J Field Instructor
Ang You Jia 4W Sec 4 & 3 Squad-in-charge
Glenda Zhuo Jiaying 4L
Tang Chia Hui 4F Sec 2 Squad-in-charge
 Yang Kai Hui 4H
 Janelle Lui Rui Yi 4G
Megan Widjaja Chen Xin Yi 4J Sec 1 Squad-in-charge 
Jamie Quek 4L
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