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  • To develop players’ fitness, skills and character through trainings and playing Netball.
  • Possess the necessary knowledge for Netball.
  • Acquire good sportsmanship and leadership skills.
  • Show an appreciation for the game.
  • To nurture players of character so as to become Girls of Grace, Women of Strength, Leaders with Heart.


Ms Ou Wanjun
Ms Juliet Huang
Ms Juliana Bte Grahan

Coaches/ Instructors:

Ms Wang Zhen Zhen


Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
3.45pm to 6.30pm



Netball courts

Student Executive Committee 2017

B Division  Captain Pay Shi Yi Cherlin (4F)
B Division Vice Captain Angeline Rebecca Leong Wei Qi (4F)
C Division Captain Samantha Lai Ning Hui (2P)
C Division Vice Captain Lhu Shi Hui (2H)
Sports Leader Theng Xuan (4C)
Sports Leader Joy Cheng Yee Shing (4H)
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