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Artistic Gym


Artistic Gymnastics is a sport where gymnasts compete by doing short routines on four apparatus: balance beam, uneven bars, vault and floor exercise. In Trampoline, gymnasts perform acrobatic moves while bouncing on a trampoline. These sports are known for their artistry and grace which require gymnasts to display exceptional balance, strength and flexibility.
Besides training for competitions, our gymnasts are exposed to a wide range of activities that allow them to interact with the society in hope of developing a holistic individual. These activities include an annual sports camp, VIA, CCA fair, Open House etc. Through such activities, our gymnasts are able to develop and display team-work and creativity, at the same time, not forgetting to demonstrate compassion and empathy. Our gymnasts realise that Gymnastics is not all about winning. It is about developing resilience and a positive attitude that will empower them to achieve much in their lives. This is exemplified through their willingness to devote long training hours in order to hone their skills to perfection.

In short, St. Nicholas gymnasts embody strength and grace, dedication and heart.


Ms Amy Yee

Ms Zhong Wan Ying

Ms Mohana d/o S Sinniah

Mrs Theresa Chan

CCA Information:

Training/Meeting Venue

School gymnasium

Training Day / Time

Mon, Wed, (3.45pm-6.30pm)
Fri (4.00p.m-6.30pm)


Ms Yuan KeXia
Mr Zhao Sheng
Mr Sun Jian

Artistic Gymnastics Committee 2018


Name & Class


Kong Xin Ying  (4 Grace)


Kan Zarc Hyun, Daitein  (3 Charity)

Lower sec coordinator

Charis Lim (2 Justice)

Trampoline Committee 2018


Name & Class


Nicole Lim  (4 Grace)


Reina Isabelle Tan (3 Charity)

Lower sec coordinator

Ang Sim Yee (2 Purity)

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