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The CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' Secondary Choir has been achieving the Gold with Honours award / Certificate of Distinction at the biennial Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging / Arts Presentation for  Choirs since 2007.
Besides performing regularly in the school’s major functions and annual public concert,  the choir has also obtained several awards at international choral competitions. In 2008,  the choir won The Golden band in the Third International Festival of Advent and  Christmas Music held in Bratislava, Slovakia. In 2010, they won  The Golden Cup of Peter the Great in the prestigious 4th World Choir Festival held in  St. Petersburg, Russia.
The choir has performed an extensive choral repertoire ranging from traditional  Asian folk songs, English madrigals to Eastern European songs.


  • We arrange enriching and fun-filled activities for our choir members, allowing every individual to develop her talent to the fullest.
  • We strive to bond all the members together and appreciate the beauty of singing  through different learning experiences in the choir.
  • We aim to stretch the potential of our members and allow them to have more exposure by providing them with opportunities to participate in concerts and national as well as international competitions.

CCA Information

Training / Meeting Venue AVA Room/ MEP Rm 1
Training Day / Time Thursday, 3.45pm to 6.30pm
Friday, 3.45pm to 6.30pm
Instructors / Coach

Ms Lim Ai Hooi

Mrs Ong Ming Eng
Mrs Fung Hwee Hua
Mr Chong Shu Ming
Ms Cheryl Cheong

Student Executive Committee 2016-2017

PresidentEdel Chew Sijia
Sec 4 Hope
Vice-PresidentKezia NgSec 4 Unity
Student Conductor  Wang Jingye Sec 4 Justice 
SecretaryChan Yi Ru MicoleSec 4 Unity
Assistant SecretaryChay YenrueSec 3 Wisdom
Welfare ManagerKelly-Ann Tan Sec 4 Purity
Resource Manager 1Choong Hui Shan, Marilyn Sec 4 Truth
Resource Manager 2Tan Yi Jie Sec 4 Unity
Assistant Resource Manager Magdalene Koh Sec 3 Loyalty 
Soprano 1 Sectional LeaderNg Wan Xuan Sec 4 Faith
Soprano 1 Asst Sectional Leader Sandra Loh Yan Wai Sec 3 Justice
Soprano 2 Sectional LeaderTan Xiao Tong Sec 4 Wisdom
Soprano 2 Asst Sectional LeaderChan Ying Shan, Jill Sec 2 Charity
Alto 1 Sectional LeaderTang Jing Hui, Chloe Sec 4 Justice
Alto 1 Asst Sectional LeaderAyumi  Angel Fukuyasu Lim Sec 3 Diligence
Alto 2 Sectional LeaderWang Jingye Sec 4 Justice
Alto 2 Asst Sectional LeaderJolene Chen Shu En Sec 3 Loyalty 
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