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Chinese Orchestra

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St. Nicholas Chinese Orchestra (SNCO) started off in 1992 with a few individuals interested in certain instruments. Initially, there were only dizi and pipa classes.

Gradually, interest spread and a few enthusiastic girls sent a proposal to the principal Mrs Hwang-Lee Poh See to start a Chinese Orchestra as a Co-Curricular Activity, backing their plan up with the reason that St Nicholas was a Chinese school. From the small handful of 30 odd students, our orchestra has expanded to its current 100 odd members.

Some of the orchestra’s key objectives are to promote the awareness and appreciation of Chinese music, as well as to exchange ideas and experiences among musically-oriented institutions and individuals. We also felt that there was a need to take an active interest in the civic, cultural and general welfare of the Chinese and wider community.

Under the guidance of our teachers, instructors and the baton of Mr Liu Bin, a renowned composer and conductor, the orchestra has been steadily improving. SNCO is also continually working to develop the group's repertoire and technical capabilities, to foster new audiences, as well as recruit and train new members.

CCA Information

Training / Meeting Venue Chinese Orchestra /Band Room (Thursdays)
Various Classrooms (Fridays)
Training Day / Time
Thursdays 3.45pm to 6.30pm 
Fridays 4.00pm to 6.30pm
Instructors / Coach Mr Liu Bin (Conductor)
Ms Huo Ruo Wei
Mr Yeo Siew Wee
Mr Tony Ang Ting Leong
Mr Kenneth Lee Hou Koon
Mr Zhu Lin
Mr Wu Xiang Yang
Mr Neil Chua


Mr Lim Han Chuan
Mdm Goh Siew Ngoh
Ms Lau Yi Wen Clarissa
Mr Ng Yong En Joel
Mdm Tan Bee Lien
Mr Tay Ling Yeo Peter

Student Executive Committee 2017


Name (Class)


Isabelle Tan Yi Jun (4 Wisdom)


Tan Ying Hui Valerie (4 Diligence)


Chin Wei Wen, Isabelle (4 Faith)

Assistant Secretary

Kelly Hooy Chui Ting (3 Truth)

Scores Director

Yeo Ying Xin (4 Faith)

Assistant Scores Director

Cheyenne Chia (3 Purity)

Welfare Head

Khaw Si-En Ruth (4 Diligence)

Assistant Welfare Head

Lim Hui Xuan (3 Wisdom)

Quarter Mistress

Stelle-Anne Teo Chi Hoon (4 Grace)

Assistant Quarter Mistress

Sarah Li Runzi (3 Diligence)

Student Conductor

Juliette Chua Wen Xi (4 Faith)

Laxian Sectional Leader

Lim Wen Hui (4 Charity)

Tanbo Sectional Leader

Goh Yi Ning (4 Grace)

Cello-Bass Sectional Leader

Tan Hui Min (4 Diligence)

Chuiguan Sectional Leader (Dizi)

Xie Xuwenxuan (4 Truth)

Chuiguan Sectional Leader (Suona/Sheng)

Chan Chor Cheng (4 Purity)

Daji Sectional Leader

Leong Raeanne (4 Hope)

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