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Mind Games


Mind Games Club is a new CCA that has been started in 2013 in St. Nicks. The objective of this CCA is to train students to think critically in order to strategise before they make their next move. Students will train in Scrabble and Chinese Words Game (方块精灵) and other interesting mind games like Risk and Monopoly Deal etc.

CCA Information

 Training / Meeting Venue Virtual Lab
 Training Day / Time Wed 3.45pm to 5.45pm
 Instructors / Coach


Mrs. Lim Shiow Huey

Student Executive Committee 2017-2018:

PositionName and Class
PresidentTsai Yi Zhen (3 Justice)
Vice-PresidentWun Sophie (3 Purity)
TreasurerShannie Kwok Le Yi (3 Diligence)
Upper Sec CoordinatorLye Shuen Wei Cheyanne (3 Justice) 
Lower Sec Coordinator Angelica Lee (2 Purity)

Student Executive Committee 2016-2017:

PositionName and Class
PresidentNg Zi Yan Giselle (3 Unity)
Vice-PresidentJeAnn Leow Tse Yin (3 Wisdom)
TreasurerAng Juen Jae Rikki (3 Charity)
Upper Sec CoordinatorJolin Leong (3 Truth)
Lower Sec Coordinator Tsai Yi Zhen (2 Diligence)

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