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Chinese Drama

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Chinese Drama Society (CDS) serves as a platform for us to showcase and hone our talents as well as to unearth other talents we never knew we had. From makeup to props making to acting, all of these bond us together as a CCA and allows us to enjoy ourselves tremendously.

We took part in various competitions and performances, such as our biannual performance “Qihang”, our school’s annual performance Jubilate and the 2014 National Secondary-Primary group Oratorical story telling competition. Last year, we achieved the Certificate of Merit for the 2015 SYF Chinese Drama Arts Presentation after all the months of hard work and determination.  “Qihang 2016” also earned many commendations.

Under the guidance of our CCA teachers in-charge and the coaching of our professional Drama instructors, we have gained valuable experiences and have learnt different skills and techniques, some of which are vital and useful for our everyday lives. These experiences are further enhanced through all the activities we have undergone as a CCA.

Besides that, we are able to forge long-lasting friendships with our CCA mates as we go through long hours of rehearsals together as a CCA. Through our journey in CDS, we become much closer as a CCA as not many can understand the hardships we face together and the amount of effort we have to put in to make our performances so successful. Thus, when each member joins CDS, they not only join a wholesome CCA but also become another member of the CDS family. 





Teachers-in-Charge :

Mdm Wong Hsu Hui(王淑慧老师)

Miss Xu Ting(徐婷老师)

Mdm Li Lan (李澜老师)

Mdm Suah Jun(蔡钧老师)

CCA Information :

Training/Meeting Venue

  • Wednesdays: MPR 2
  • Fridays: Drama Studio

Training Day / Time

  • Wednesday: 3.45pm-6.30pm
  • Friday: 4.00pm-6.30pm


  • Mdm Liu Lisha 刘丽莎老师 
  • Miss Li Jing Shuang李景双老师

Student Executive Committee 2016




President (主席)

Phoenix Gay Xue Ke (倪雪珂)


Welfare Vice President (副主席:福利)

Janna Leow Yue Ting (廖悦廷)


Head of Performance (演出组长)

Khoo Yueh Leng (邱悦凌)


Head of Logistics (总务)

Lim Qian Yi (林仟怡)


Head of Welfare (福利组长)

Grace Cheu Li Qing (邱莉晴)


Head of Events (活动组长)

Liang Liwen (梁莉文)


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