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Science Department

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Department Vision

To inculcate the spirit of scientific inquiry and to be able to see the relevance of science in daily life, society and the environment .

The Team

Mrs Hoo Boon Leng (HOD) ng_boon_leng@moe.edu.sg Chemistry
Mdm Suah Jun (SH Science) suah_jun@moe.edu.sg Physics
Ms Sandra Ong (SH Physics) ong_pei_sze@moe.edu.sg Physics
Miss Tan Suat Ying Cherlyn (SH IP) tan_suat_ying_cherlyn@moe.edu.sg Biology
Miss Boo Wee Siew Michelle michelle_boo_wee_siew@moe.edu.sg Biology
Mr Cai Jinhong cai_jinhong@moe.edu.sg Chemistry
Mr Chan Kin Chuah
chan_kin_chuah@moe.edu.sg Physics
Mr Chan Siang Long Eugene han_siang_long_eugene@moe.edu.sg Lower Sec Science
Miss Chee Yit Ling Melanie chee_yit_ling_melanie@moe.edu.sg Chemistry
Ms Cheong Yunling Cherylcheong_yunling_cheryl@moe.edu.sg  Biology
Mr Chia Boon Ling Randy chia_boon_ling_randy@moe.edu.sg Physics
Mr Chang Hao Hsi David chang_hao_hsi_david@moe.edu.sg Biology
Mr Koh Zhi-Ti Jason koh_zhi-ti_jason@moe.edu.sg Biology
Ms Lee Ruo-ning lee_ruo-ning@moe.edu.sg Chemistry
Miss Lim Ai Lian (Year Head)
lim_ai_lian@moe.edu.sg Physics
Ms Lim Yan Ping lim_yan_ping_a@moe.edu.sg Lab technician
Mdm Loo Shook Ling loo_shook_ling@moe.edu.sg Chemistry
Miss Lua Yi Wen Clarissa lua_yi_wen_clarissa@moe.edu.sg Biology
Miss Nadzirah Ishak nadzirah_ishak@moe.edu.sg Lab technician
Mrs Ong Ming Eng lau_ming_eng@moe.edu.sg Physics
Ms Panthradil Annie-chackopanthradil_annie-chacko@moe.edu.sgBiology
Ms Tan Ann Nie tan_ann_nie@moe.edu.sg Biology
Mrs Tan Siew Kim toh_siew_kim@moe.edu.sg Chemistry
Mr Tay Kian Hwee tay_kian_hwee@moe.edu.sg Physics 
Mr Wan Yew Boon wan_yew_boon@moe.edu.sg Chemistry
Mr Wang Choon Kiat
(Covering SH Info-Comm Technology)
wang_choon_kiat@moe.edu.sg Physics
Miss Yee Kah Yin Amy yee_kah_yin_amy@moe.edu.sg Chemistry
Miss Zhong Wanying
(Covering SH Biology)
zhong_wanying@moe.edu.sg Biology
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